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For Poker1 historic purposes only

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Until March of 2017, the poker tell videos at appeared the way you see them below and only worked on browsers that could display the Adobe Flash format. Now all videos at P1 automatically find a format that displays on whatever browser is being used.

This single example of the old format, as seen below, remains for historical reference. DIFFERENCE: The video player was originally controlled by a WordPress plug-in called WordTube. It was presented in the same size and looked similar to the one you see, except the control bar at the bottom was silver, the volume settings were done horizontally, and the mid-screen Play button had no circle. Is that historically accurate enough or TMI?

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What you’re about to see ranks among the most profitable tells in poker. The game is hold ’em and when the flop comes, you’d better not be watching it. If you’re watching it, you’ll miss this…

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(length: 1 minute, 3 seconds)…

(Note: The Laws of Tells at the end of many of these videos are bonus information and don’t always apply to the preceding tell.)

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