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For years I’ve been promising to update the poker-tell videos at Poker1. Formerly, they only worked on browsers that handled the Adobe Flash format.

Today, finally, I’ve converted them all to formats that every common browser can display. This change will apply to any future video added to Poker1, too.


Specifically (in case you’re technically curious), if your browser can handle mp4 videos, that encoding will be used. If not, webm encoding will be used. Finally, some old browsers might not be able to load either and they will be served flv video (Flash).

Also changed is the formatting of the Poker1 entries that display the videos. Just for comparison, I’ve left one duplicate formatted in the old style for historical reference.


Note that the poker-tell videos are presented here in reduced resolution. But no essential details have been removed. The only reason they appear here at all is because I own both the rights to the DVD and itself. You can purchase a higher-resolution DVD, using the link on each page where a video is presented.

If you’d like to see a list of links to all the poker-tell videos at Poker1,
→ Click here

And if you’d like to see an example of how the poker-tells at Poker1 looked before this update,
→ Click here

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Also see:  → Why a Poker1 “Fast” category?  |  → All Poker1 “Fast” entries

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