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    32 thoughts on “Contact Poker1”

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    1. This is my first contact,Master.

      Thank you for improve my game sharing your phenomenal theory.
      I’m searching for any post about “fees”;in my opinion one of the most important components for profitable play.I simply don’t play the mode cash games!The fees on that rooms really eat all or almost all money from all players!!!
      No possible to survive paying that percentual each hand.Also the tournaments fees are too high.Ex: 18 players at $10+$1 (winner takes all)…..let’s guess our hero here wins 1 of each 16,that’s quite satisfactory,no one will wait to win 1 in 10 or 12 of those fast tourneys.
      So we have: -16x $11= -$176
      +$180 ….profit is just $4

      without fees that would be: -16x $10= -$160
      +$180…..profit is $20

      Our hero stays with only 20% of what he really deserves !!!!

      Thank you for any reply,I hope to continue the talk.

      Take my reverence…

      1. Hi, Top_Flight —

        You’d probably reach more people by leaving your comment beneath a related entry, rather than here on the “contact us” page.

        However, you’re right. Rakes sometimes make otherwise profitable games a losing proposition. You can, of course, overcome the rakes and thousands of players do.

        But you have to be more selective about the hands you choose to play. As far as tournament fees, those don’t affect your play directly, because once you’ve paid the fee, it’s already gone and your decisions are the same as if there were no fee at all. Despite this, tournament fees are something you need to have enough skill to overcome. — Mike Caro

      1. Hi, Jesse —

        There was one in the past and I intend to relaunch it in the future. There will be a notice on Poker1 when that happens. Thanks for your interest.

        Straight Flushes,
        Mike Caro

    2. Mike, you should publish your blog on for Kindle as a weekly or daily subscription and charge monthly for it.  $1.99 – $2.99/mo per user may be a fair price.  You could expand it to I tunes and the Nook for added readership.  Just an idea.

    3. How do you register for the talk forums. How do you log in once you have made a post. I have posted and seem to have an account except I can not log in when I revisit the site I have to post something and then it says I am logged in.
      Also the site says and shows log in and sign up information and at the same time says you do not have to sign up this is unclear and confusing to your users please review and clarify as I would really like to become a regular participant on this site, right now it is cumbersome and slightly frustrating.
      Please help clarfy
      thanks and have a wonderful day

      Chuck (Moneedude) Walsh

      1. Hi, Moneedude —

        Currently (mid-2011) you don’t have to register to use the forum, but you need to follow our guidelines for etiquette at the top. is still not officially open. When it is, the registration process for the forum will probably change.

        Straight Flushes,
        Mike Caro

        1. OK, the instructions are still a little unclear to new users and maybe should be deleted from the pages or clarified until they are actually made formal in one way or another.

          I have one more question. I am trying to post a reply to one of my own post and when I do everything then the math and it say post reply. A few seconds after I hit the post reply button I am getting a red box that says ( No post topic selected post reply can not be saved) can I get some help on this or at this time are we not able to post replies as guest users????

          1. Hi, Moneedude —

            Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the forum. I am replying by e-mail.

            Straight Flushes,
            Mike Caro

    4. Hello, Mr. Carro
      My close friend and coach Chip Johnson died earlier this week. He spoke fondly of you. He told me about bring you hamburgers and coke while you had locked yourself away in your apartment to learn Pascal. Chip brought poker and a lot of joy into my life. I enjoy Carro university very much keep up the good work.

      1. Hi, Craig —

        I will try to verify your report. Chip brought both flair and brilliance to poker. I’d been intending to contact him, but — sadly — didn’t in time.

        Can you point us to any public death notices?

        Straight Flushes,
        Mike Caro

          1. Thanks, Craig —

            For anyone who is confused, Chip Johnson was the chosen name many of his friends and colleagues — including his poker students — knew him by in Gardena, California. The obituary (see Craig’s link above) references him under his actual name, James Duerner.

            I have many fond memories of Chip. He was among the most fiercely competitive players I ever met.

            Straight Flushes,
            Mike Caro

    5. Mike,

      How effective is the Poker Players Alliance. I am planning on joining, due the recent charges in the online community. I was just wondering if the organization is actually fighting in Washington or if it’s just a suppot group.

    6. Mike,

      I think you should write a column about “odds” and include this scenario or nightmare I just lived through. I am the small blind and the first player 4 bets and 4other players call. I like the size of the pot and decide to take it down right there with my pocket aces and move all in, the first better calls and all others fold. He turns over ten six unsuited I figure he wants to go home, the flop comes ten,four, five, then six and another six for a full house! How insane! Am I foolish?

      1. Also, $230 buy in re-buy 145 players, 128 players left, just out of re-buy stage, 200 big blind, chip stack 9000 pot before all-in 3000.

      2. Richard,
        How many times have you been in that same situation with AA and doubled up or better. AA play well in the long run, get you chips in when you can w AA.

      1. Hi, Myles —

        Both e-mail addresses in the entry above seem to be valid, according to tests just run. You might try again.

        Straight Flushes,
        Mike Caro

    7. What are the odds of pulling back to back to back hole cards? J,2 – J,2 – J,2?

      Also, what are the odds of having 65 out of 234 hands repeats? J,10 happened 9x.

      What are the odds of having one small blind Q,10 and then the following big blind Q,10 and then the following big blind after that (yep, you guessed it) Q,10?


    8. Mike, thanks for my ‘continuing education’ thru you.

      Question: how often will AA and KK be dealt in the same hand?

    9. Hi Mike,

      I left a post on an article. It was my first post and so I added a few sentences so as not to just leave a single question. But afterward I felt remiss in my manners.

      First thing I should say is thank you so much for creating this website and for sharing your articles for free. I’ve read very many of your articles and I will keep reading. I’ve read about 10 poker books, but I haven’t gotten a hold of Doyle’s Super/System again yet, since I had it briefly in 2003.. I still have yet to get any of your other books but I will soon! :)

      Well, again – thank you.


    10. A small re-raise of $20 on top and he called. The turn appeared to be a brick and he checked and so did I. The river also seemed to be a blank but the villain moved all-in (about $80, slightly more than the pot). Now, based on my hand alone I know I should fold but his tells were sending me different signals. When he pushed his chips all in his hands appeared very shaky. So I tried to talk to him to see if I could pick up any more info. I asked if he would show if I folded. At first he just stared at the pot. Then he looked at me and said “yeah, I’ll show”. I almost called…but just couldn’t do it. He turned over KQo for a complete bluff. The tells seemed very contradictory. Did I miss something?

    11. Since the forums appear to be locked I wasn’t sure where to post this. Maybe I can replay it if you let me know…
      I was recently playing at a card room at a 1/2 nlhe table. There was one player seated in the 5 seat whom I had never played against. He appeared loose aggressive and often showed mediocre hands. I was seated in the 7 seat and held AJ suited. The villain raised preflop to about $7 and I just called. I hit my A on an unconnected, rainbow board. The villain bet about $15 and I made

      1. Hi, Steve H —

        Thanks for making your first comments and joining our Poker1 family.

        I suggest that you try to find related entries and post these poker-strategy messages there. Few people will see them here.

        If/when you do that, I or others will reply. You can add comments below all entries at Poker1. (I’ll delete these duplicate entries, if you post them somewhere else.)

        The forum will be open soon.

        Straight Flushes,
        Mike Caro

    12. To Whomever: I ordered Caro’s Major Poker Seminar video, Caro’s Power Poker Seminar video and Caro’s Pro Poker Tells video and when I tried to get the Pro Poker Tells out of the box it broke. Where can I go or what do I have to do to return it and get another copy…..Thanks in advance….the Invoice no. of the order is 2875….Gho

      1. Hi, Gerald —

        Sorry to hear that. We’ll replace it at no charge. You won’t have to return the broken DVD.

        Send an e-mail to and I’ll forward it to my director of operations. She’ll respond quickly. Thanks for letting us know.

        Straight Flushes,
        Mike Caro

    13. arrrrg the new design of poker1 is terrible. the color, or lack thereof, is annoying. i know you said you like it because you’re strange but it’s not all about you. we’re the ones who have to look at it. sure the content needs to be the main attraction but you’ve gone too far. you will have to change it to color eventually when you either get enough complaints or not enough return visitors.

      Going greyscale is old fashioned, it’s old hat, it’s been done by photographer or e-zine type websites circa 1990’s, it now looks old and naff.

      1. Hi, Dean —

        Thanks for your opinion. I was afraid some visitors would feel that way. I’ve gotten positive feedback from others, so who knows?

        One thing I don’t agree with is the “old fashioned” part. I can understand your “terrible” and “annoying” descriptions, though. My intention was that it be the opposite of annoying. Maybe that isn’t happening.

        If you post this comment below my first blog entry (which talks about the design), people are more likely to see it.

        Straight Flushes,
        Mike Caro

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    Let's make sure it's really you and not a bot. Please type digits (without spaces) that best match what you see. (Example: 71353)