Poker1 store: Policies

Poker1 Store Policies

  • Contact

    Your message to the Poker1 Store — including questions, damage reports, refund requests, and comments about products — will be sent directly to Diane McHaffie.

    —  Contact Poker1 Store  —

    Diane is director of operations for Mike Caro,, and
    Mike Caro University of Poker, Gaming, and Life Strategy (MCU).

  • Credit cards

    Your credit card information is treated with the same enhanced security that all major reputable online stores employ today.

    Transactions are handled by PayPal Pro credit card processing, which doesn’t require a PayPal account. Additonally, Poker1 uses Mijireh Checkout for a smooth transaction experience.

    Although you will technically leave Poker1 briefly during the secure processing, you probably won’t notice. All surrounding Poker1 functionality will remain intact.

    No one at will record, store, or even see your credit card information.

    If you have a personal PayPal account, you will be given an opportunity to choose that method of payment, instead.

  • Guarantee

    We guarantee your satisfaction with any products you purchase from the Poker1 Store. You aren’t required to tell us why you are returning anything, although we always appreciate an explanation.

    You may return, for a full refund, any items that you purchase from us within 30 days of the date we ship to you. Items returned must be in the same condition you receive them or in the condition existing after malfunction or failure.

    (Please see our “Refunds and returns” policy below.)

  • Refunds and returns

    Refunds will be issued for the full price that you paid us, excluding shipping, handling, and processing charges, if any. (Please see “Shipping” below.) We don’t reimburse you for return shipping costs.

    Refunds are provided within 30 days of our receipt of returned items (and usually much sooner), either by mailing a check to you or by reversing the charges made to your credit card.

    Before returning any items, please ask us for easy instructions, using the link in “Contact” above.

  • Shipping, handling, and processing

    Unless otherwise stated in the product description, all orders that total $50 or more are delivered to you free of shipping, handling, and processing charges. Orders totaling less than $50 are delivered to you for one flat added fee of $4.95, no matter how many items you order.

    This means that we don’t add a separate charge for each item. There is only one additional charge for the entire order, and no additonal charge if your order is $50 or more, as calculated prior to adding any shipping, handling, and processing fee.

    We do not currently accept automated orders outside the 50 states in the U.S. However, we will consider shipping elsewhere if you contact us directly. (Please use the “Contact Poker1 Store” link under “Contact” above.)

  • Taxes

    Currently, Poker1 Store doesn’t collect state or local sales taxes.

    Note that you may be responsible for reporting purchases to local governments. We pay sales taxes for you on orders shipped to Missouri, where we are located, even though you aren’t charged by us.

  • Various

    Disclaimer #1:, Mike Caro, and Mike Caro University of Poker, Gaming, and Life Strategy (MCU) make no claims as to the effectiveness of the advice provided on this website or through products sold here.

    In fact, Mike Caro has often stated that most people fail to apply strategic concepts correctly and, therefore, attempts to improve can — for some — cost more money or do more harm than if they hadn’t tried.

    Mike Caro personally guarantees the sincerity of his advice and takes pride in his reputation for thoughtful analysis and solid research. Despite that, all statistics, analysis, and guidance is provided only with best intentions, with the realization that some of it may be wrong and later revised.

    Disclaimer #2: The Poker1 Store tries to keep products in stock and ready for shipment and to notify you in advance if there is a shortage. However, it is possible that supplies may run out or that quantities ordered may exceed our capacity to supply them.

    In such cases, we will treat you fairly, and you will receive a prompt refund for all associated payments if, after being notified of any delays, you choose to cancel your order. In rare cases, we might not be able to complete the orders at all, in which case you will have no choice other than to accept a refund.

    None of this is likely to happen, but it might.

These Poker1 Store policies were updated February 14, 2013
and apply to all orders from that date until modified.

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