Public development checklist

Note: This task list hasn’t been regularly maintained since Poker1 officially opened. However, it may be revived in the future. It served its purpose and remains for historical purposes. You can always find it by searching the archives.

Note: Mike Caro is sharing this development checklist with our Poker1 family of friends and visitors.

It allows you to quickly see the enhancements, fixes, and features that are planned and which ones have been completed. These lists are likely to grow.

✔ Completed tasks are green with a check mark.

→ In-progress tasks are blue with an arrow (at top of list).

     Waiting tasks are red (at bottom of list).

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Poker1 task list:

Pending and completed enhancements, fixes, and features

(Scroll below current phase for earlier and future phases.)

PHASE 1b (following P1 official opening on 2014-01-01)…

→ Entered 2013-12-15 / In progress
Change font used for creating posts and replies from decorative to standard sans-serif.

✔ Entered 2013-01-08 / Completed 2014-01-09
Create regions in header for banners and/or P1 links and announcements. Area is now one large region encompassing everything in header to the right of the Poke1 logo and Mike Caro image. It can be subdivided to suit content. NOTE: Moved from Phase 1a.

✔ Entered 2014-01-09 / Completed 2014-01-09
Install, test, and activate Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin.

✔ Entered 2014-01-05 / Completed 2014-01-05
Modify functionality of News page so that “Hot News” and “Poker News” (top) link to anchors lower on page. These anchors can be moved to just above whatever stories are featured next.

✔ Entered 2014-01-03 / Completed 2014-01-03
Bring this Task list up to date and put Phase 1b at top.

✔ Entered 2014-01-02 / Completed 2014-01-02
Deal with continuing WordPress Brute Force attacks that shut down server and allowed zero traffic in five key hours opening day and again limited traffic on January 2, 2014. Installed administration log-in procedure that shuts out anyone or anything for hours after five incorrect attempts. Installed and configured plug-in: Limit Login Attempts.

     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Conduct a final, thorough test for consistency and functionality with latest versions (and likeliest older versions) of all five major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari). Moved from Phase 1a.

     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Add two new “1-minute audios” on poker to appear at official opening of Phase 1a. Moved from Phase 1a.

     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Add 11 new text entries to appear at official opening of Phase 1a. Partially done in Phase 1a.

     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Add 40 (approximately) remaining poker statistics tables from old Poker1 site, reformatted for the new P1. Moved from Phase 1a.

     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Add 3 new Mike Caro blog entries in preparation for regular additions. Moved from Phase 1a.

     Entered 2012-12-31 / Pending — not started
Update poker dictionary with latest files from Michael Wiesenberg. Moved from Phase 1a.

     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Disable and/or remove all unused plug-ins employed or tested during development. Moved from Phase 1a.

     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Create and make available first free poker videos. These are in addition to the tells videos, which are already available.

     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Create and make available first free non-poker videos

     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Create and open newly designed Zone 2 tab page in harmony with latest home page look

     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Complete the press package and add to Zone 2

     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Update customized Poker1 WordPress version in offline development mirror site

     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Reverse the older/newer comments links below entries. This isn’t likely to be a problem yet, since 100 comments, with their replies, are currently allowed on the same page. We will dial back this number to 10 or so when this glitch is fixed.

     Entered 2012-12-31 / Pending — not started
Add converted HTML5 versions of poker tells videos and code so that they play these, if browser supported, otherwise fall through to flash versions. If a browser cannot support either, advise visitor to update.

     Entered 2013-01-09 / Pending — not started
If feasible, implement method (probably using AJAX) of keeping the Poker1 header, sidebars, and footer static while changing only the center stage content area. This would be used mainly for entry selections from the Poker1 library, search, indexes, and top tabs. Check thoroughly for side effects interfering with cache, refresh, plug-ins, and other functionality before committing to this feature. This task could be implemented, postponed, or abandoned after feasibility study is completed.

     Entered 2013-12-15 / Pending — not started
Resolve issue with bbPress seach box conflicting with Poker1 theme. Reactivate forum search.

     Entered 2013-12-15 / Pending — not started
Create Poker1 theme for mobile browsers or incorporate mobile friendliness into main theme. Probably start with “Underscores” GPL template.


     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Begin development of online poker training software for Poker1

     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Begin development of online life-strategy training software for Poker1

     Entered 2012-12-28 / Pending — not started
Begin development of Mike Caro University of Poker enrollment courses at Poker1


PHASE 1a (before P1 official opening)…

✔ Entered 2012-12-28 / Completed 2014-01-01 at 5 p.m. Central
Declare Poker1 open with home-page headline announcement

✔ Entered 2012-12-28 / Completed 2014-01-01
Make certain cache is activated and operating correctly at official opening. (Note: cache is sometimes disabled during development.)

✔ Entered 2012-12-28 / Completed 2014-01-01
Create pages listing links for quick access to sites that Mike Caro recommends, with a small starting selection and descriptions. NOTE: Diane McHaffie, Poker1 director of operations choose most of those in place for official opening.

✔ Entered 2013-12-04 / Completed 2013-12-31
Create and open newly designed Predict tab page in harmony with latest home page look

✔ Entered 2013-12-02 / Completed 2013-12-28
Create and open newly designed Links tab page in harmony with latest home page look. NOTE: Final links are being chosen and plugged in. Page will appear publicly on 2014-01-01.

✔ Entered 2013-12-08 / Completed 2013-12-28
Create and open newly designed Poker tab page in harmony with latest home page look. NOTE: Page ready and will appear publicly 2014-01-01.

✔ Entered 2013-12-15 / Completed 2013-12-28
Change main menu choices to bold in both active and inactive states OR add left-side widget highlighting what each menu item does, with secondary links. NOTE: Created the widget solution to emphasize menu.

✔ Entered 2012-12-28 / Completed 2013-12-22 (approximately)
Add first poker links and commentary to News tab page

✔ Entered 2012-12-28 / Completed 2013-12-22 (approximately)
Add first non-poker links and commentary to News tab page

✔ Entered 2013-12-16 / Completed 2013-12-20
Troubleshoot and fix. Class “p1-breaker” that divides paragraphs with text teaser has stopped working. It’s defined in “style-poker1-css-theme-override.css” and is being ignored. Breakers are currently justified to left in plain paragraphs, rather than bold, centered.

✔ Entered 2013-12-08 / Completed 2013-12-17
Remove or correct code for pages that are showing up in searches with content displayed. Only headings and optional excerpts or descriptions should appear as search results. These pages have missing “more” tags that force WordPress to ignore the content unless selected.

✔ Entered 2013-12-15 / Completed 2013-12-17
Create customize registration and log-in page and install links to it.

✔ Entered 2013-12-14 / Completed 2013-12-14
Temporarily remove search box from bbPress forum, because it is not working. It has conflicts with the Poker1 theme. This is scheduled for resolution in Phase 1b.

✔ Entered 2013-12-10 / Completed 2013-12-13
Activate the BuddyPress plug-in as an alternative to the former Talk (top menu) page. Forum will (at least experimentally) be BuddyPress/bbPress when reopened. NOTE: Only bbPress is being used currently, with BuddyPress functionality reserved for possible future implementation. Create “Forum” page that appears in top menu immediately to the right of “Home.” Hide “Talk” page from that menu. NOTE: A link to previous Simple:Press forum will be provided on the new Forum page, for historical reference to legacy posts. These may be incorporated into the new forum in the future. Or Poker1 may revert to the old forum plug-in, depending on results of testing.

✔ Entered 2012-12-28 / Completed 2013-12-10 (approximately)
Change 9 links (including 6 photos) on home page in preparation for regular entry additions and rotation. Redesign covered this when photos were removed in favor of permanent home page theme-matching graphics.

✔ Entered 2013-12-09 / Completed 2013-12-09
Create CSS classes in Poker1 override style sheet for formatting and displaying sites and URLs on the Links page. Also, globally change behavior of links in that style sheet, so that darker ones throughout Poker1 turn light gray when hovered.

✔ Entered 2013-12-04 / Completed 2013-12-04
Remove comments accidentally allowed on Life page. Create separate page, for historical purposes, containing those comments and others similarly removed.

✔ Entered 2013-01-08 / Completed 2013-11-30
Create regions in sidebars and text areas of entries for banners and/or P1 links and announcements

✔ Entered 2013-11-29 / Completed 2013-11-30
Create entry providing information on ad and banner pricing and specifics to which “space available” notices will link. This entry will also be permanently available as a guide to potential sponsors and others.

✔ Entered 2012-12-28 / Completed 2013-11-29
Create and open newly designed Life tab page in harmony with latest home page look

✔ Entered 2013-11-29 / Completed 2013-11-29
Remove “More” arrow from home page and incorporate smaller version inside “Poker1 today” widget on right sidebar. This won’t be as pronounced, but it will appear on every page and post. It is only possible to have a 14 pixel overlap into the main page area to the left — the width of the sidebar left margin. Previously, the arrow was able to pierce the sidebar deeply from the home page.

✔ Entered 2013-11-20 / Completed 2013-11-20
Install “Duplicate Post” plug-in and make it available to administrators. This makes creating posts or pages with similar content or layout easier, by providing a quick start.

✔ Entered 2013-11-19 / Completed 2013-11-19
Add top “sidebar” with widget having table without borders containing three places for links, blurbs, or ads. This will appear on the home page and all other pages and posts, unless excluded.

✔ Entered 2013-11-13 / Completed 2013-11-19
Reorganize this task list so that in-progress entries are at the top of the latest phase.



Listing method changed 2013-11-19

✔ Entered beginning 2008 / Completed and ongoing
Add content. There have been 1,319 entries (posts and pages) added to Poker1 during Phase 1a (beginning with 0 at phase start).

✔ Entered 2012-12-25 / Completed 2012-12-25
Freeze feature enhancements until after Poker1 official opening of Phase 1a

✔ Entered 2012-12-28 / Completed 2012-12-29
Create public P1 development checklist (this one)

✔ Entered 2012-12-28 / Completed 2012-12-29
Put link to this checklist in a publicly accessible location so our Poker1 family can see what’s coming in current and future development phases

✔ Entered 2013-01-01 / Completed 2013-01-04
Revise Poker1 theme, with all functionality and familiar navigation positions remaining in place. This will be plugged in on opening day. Going live with this theme soon is currently being considered, because minor format glitches may occur if installed on opening day, as previously planned. This theme may (or may not) appear at any time, while most menu pages wait to be designed in harmony with it and any live problems are resolved. UPDATE: This theme went live 2013-10-04, on the day it was completed. It introduced fatal formatting problems and we immediately reverted to the previous theme, pending emergency programming. Then the new theme, with only minor glitches remaining, was reintroduced half an hour later.

✔ Entered 2013-01-05 / Completed 2013-01-05
Fix Poker1 library on left sidebar so that it lists choices alphabetically. This should be a simple plug-in setting. NOTE: The setting was already correctly configured, but the plug-in needed to be reinitialized.

✔ Entered 2013-01-04 / Completed 2013-01-05
Fix minor graphic glitches introduced by switch to revised P1 theme. These include byline bullet spacing, sidebar widget formatting, home page heading tweaks, and much more. NOTE: The bullet and byline problem required replacing 11,472 live database instances (by automated search/replace) of consecutive div-strong-em tags with ‘div style=”display: inline;”‘ followed by the strong-em tags. The behavior of positioning the text below the bullet is likely a result of a new stricter HTML5 implementation in the revised theme. Previously, this wasn’t an issue and “inline” was the default state. There are, no doubt, remaining formatting adjustments to be made, but the obvious ones have been handled, thus this task has been marked as completed.

✔ Entered 2013-01-04 / Completed 2013-01-08
Make adjustments to P1 header required to harmonize with completed, but not deployed, updated theme. Settled on dark blue to pale blue gradient (top to bottom) flowing into header from surrounding background, which will stay through Phase 1a opening. This design might be revisited in future phases. NOTE: The right side of the header is reserved for banner ads and/or P1 links and announcements. This will be done as a separate task.

✔ Entered 2013-01-08 / Completed 2013-01-08
Fix glitch with right sidebar search widget that had long input text disappearing beneath the icon before beginning to scroll left on some browsers

✔ Entered 2013-01-08 / Completed 2013-01-09
Enhance formatting of category headings and page number navigation above archive lists summoned through Poker1 library on the left sidebar. UPDATE: Heading design completed. Navigation design still pending. UPDATE: Redesign of page navigation for entries by category through Poker1 library completed. The design was simplified from a more elaborate one with gradient and rounded boxes that was deemed out of harmony with the new theme.

✔ Entered 2012-12-28 / Completed 2013-01-13
Create and open newly designed Index tab page in harmony with latest home page look

✔ Entered 2013-01-13 / Completed 2013-01-13
Fix major glitch in display of “Poker1 backstage” right sidebar box. This looks as intended on the latest versions of Chrome and Safari, but is badly mangled on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. Theory: Relative positioning of the check-mark graphic and linked heading are causing a conflict. NOTE: Opted for simplified HTML that includes most of the previous design. The code gymnastics were not being uniformly interpreted by various browsers. Sidebar item “Poker1 backstage” now works as intended and has been tested with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari.

✔ Entered 2013-01-14 / Completed 2013-01-15
Fine tune Poker1 home page appearance and simplify coding so it can be used as a template for other pages with minimal changes.

✔ Entered 2013-01-15 / Completed 2013-01-15
Change plug-in functionality for recent comments on right sidebar, allowing author avatars. NOTE: Installed “WP-recent comments” plug-in by MG12, making slight customization. More changes to the underlying PHP code might be a future P1 task.

✔ Entered 2013-02-08 / Completed 2013-02-10
Update “Contact us” entry (accessible from the bottom of every page), automating it to include a message form, rather than instructions to send an email. Link new store page (currently — at date of this entry — under development and not publicly accessible), subpages, and product pages to the revised “Contact us” entry, so submitting questions and feedback about the store is easier for shoppers.

✔ Entered 2013-02-10 / Completed 2013-02-11
Create new specially designed entry that is filed in all Poker1 categories and serves as graceful pointer to last entry in Poker1 library requests. This makes it clear that there are no more entries, suggests other search methods, and prevents empty lists from displaying error messages.

✔ Entered 2012-12-28 / Completed 2013-03-29
Create and open newly designed Store tab page in harmony with latest home page look. (This was a very long-lasting task, during which other Poker1 development was postponed.)

✔ Entered 2013-04-01 / Completed 2013-04-02
Create three message or advertising regions that appear at the top, middle, and bottom of each post. These should not appear on pages or posts in the “Poker1 store,” “No more entries,” or “Special information” categories.

✔ Entered 2013-04-02 / Completed 2013-04-02
Add “Links” tab to main top menu and create proxy page.

✔ Entered 2013-04-04 / Completed 2013-04-04
Create standalone “Mike Caro Services” entry, duplicating the text found on the main Poker1 store page (#p1services). This will be used for some links, including ones from inserted messages and ads.

✔ Entered 2013-04-04 / Completed 2013-04-04
Fix mangled formatting of central results from search box (previously moved to left sidebar, from right sidebar). Make it the same as results returned by Poker1 library category search.

✔ Entered 2013-04-05 / Completed 2013-04-05
Modify the “Contact us” form and include “captcha” test to discourage automated spam crawlers from pretending to be legitimate Poker1 visitors.

✔ Entered 2013-04-04 / Completed 2013-04-07
Fix issue with category information overlapping page footer at the bottom of entries that don’t allow comments

✔ Entered 2013-04-09 / Completed 2013-04-09
Reorganize top menu tabs, adding “Links” and shifting “Zone 2” development to Phase 1b, at earliest. NOTE: A non-functional Links tab was added several days before the “Entered” date. The Zone 2 decision was made because many subsections are not scheduled until after Phase 1a and removing the others from immediate development will expedite the Poker1 official opening. The Zone 2 tab was deactivated for now.

✔ Entered 2012-12-28 / Completed 2013-04-11
Update to latest version of forum software

✔ Entered 2013-10-02 / Completed 2013-10-03
Simplify home page to provide for only: optional pointer row for menu items, optional super headline stories at top, date and daily suggestion near top, permanent Poker1 welcome box, two features with graphics, “Poker1 today” list of most-recent seven days of selections, and semi-permanent “Poker1 classics.” All other features will be listed separately, mostly on the top-right sidebar Spotlight section, when developed.

✔ Entered 2013-10-20 / Completed 2013-10-22
Refine home page by putting static greeting to left of image row, replacing one of the entry-with-photo choices. Also, realign the images to make left and right “center stage” margins equal.

✔ Entered 2013-10-20 / Completed 2013-10-22
Make slight modifications to top of Store page to conform to new look.

✔ Entered 2013-10-22 / Completed 2013-10-22
Restructur Index page for revised look, with greeting near top at left.

✔ Entered 2013-11-01 / Completed 2013-11-01
Create administrative testing page for widgets in progress. They can be set to only appear on that page.

✔ Entered 2013-11-02 / Completed 2013-11-02
Revise widgets on right sidebar, creating extended Spotlight and removing old one. Also, remove the “Mike Caro minutes” widget and incorporate those future links and graphics into the new Spotlight.

✔ Entered 2013-10-03 / 2013-11-02 / Completed 2013-11-02
Create links area beneath Spotlight heading (new top-right sidebar).

✔ Entered 2013-11-02 / Completed 2013-11-04
Design “More” arrow and upload as .png file with transparent background to point from pages into right widget area where related spotlight links will be. Implement this for home page.

✔ Entered 2013-11-05 / Completed 2013-11-05
Create notice for 45 day countdown to official Poker1 opening inside new Spotlight widget on right sidebar.

✔ Entered 2013-11-06 / Completed 2013-11-08
Create stylized deck of cards for Poker1 in three versions: one-color, two-color, and four-color.

✔ Entered 2013-11-08 / Completed 2013-11-08
Replace two entry links and their images on home page with random cards from new four-color deck (to be dealt each day). Add non-working links to the anatomy of that hold ’em hand and to a life discussion of what to do with equivalent luck.

✔ Entered 2013-11-09 / Completed 2013-11-10
Finish final tweaks to home page, including moving current date with all lower content higher and making other elements more appealing.

✔ Entered 2013-11-10 / Completed 2013-11-10
Redesign spacing and a few elements inside Spotlight widget (right sidebar).

✔ Entered 2013-11-10 / Completed 2013-11-13
Activate all “coming soon” links in the Spotlight widget (right sidebar), except the 1-minute audio, which is still pending. At least one new link will appear daily, even during pre-opening, and the list will rotate so that the latest entries appear at top and the bottom entries are removed.

✔ Entered 2013-11-11 / Completed 2013-11-18
Create first landing post for links from home page random hold ’em starting hand. These daily entries will provide statistics about the hand and an imaginary $1 million ante showdown. Note: This feature is time intensive to maintain. Depending on the amount of traffic in generates, it might continue to appear daily, be featured only occasionally, or be abandoned.

✔ Entered 2013-11-14 / Completed 2013-11-14
Fix bad link on Index page where main A-Z graphic, intended to provide a jump to main index below, actually loads an unrelated P1 entry. Also, change the background for the “Special collections” section on the Index page from light blue to white.

✔ Entered 2013-11-13 / Completed 2013-11-13
Go live with previously private Index page that matches newest site design. This replaces the existing Index page and has the same functionality.

✔ Entered 2012-12-28 / Completed 2013-12-10 (approximately)
Create and open newly designed Talk tab page in harmony with latest home page look

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