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Prior to formally declaring war on so-called “New poker” in 2017, I published this quote:

“I’m not an old-poker gun. And I’m not a new-poker gun. I’m the only poker gun.”

(Actually, in the first hours that it appeared on the Poker1 home page, the word “poker” was omitted in all three instances.)


So, what does this quote mean? It’s intended to challenge the notion that scientifically derived poker strategy and correct poker theory becomes outdated. It doesn’t and it can’t.

There’s really no such thing as an old gun or a new gun in poker. There’s just the real gun, the right gun, the only gun that works.

You simply can’t invent a “new poker.” You can only refine what already works. Yet thousands, maybe even millions, of young poker players are following the gibberish of raising to level five if your opponent is on level four or something similar.


The result is a war of crazy and unjustifiable bets and raises in which the first player who returns to sanity gets the least demerits. Almost everyone who tries this strategy eventually loses, despite the illusion to the contrary.

Advocating new poker is crazy and cruel. There are many victims. And I intend to do something about it. Thus, the quote. — MC

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