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I thought last night's opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics in London missed the mark. But I don't expect you to necessarily agree with me. I'd like to know what my Poker1 family thinks.

I'll make this short and won't go into details. I liked the traditional entrance of all the athletes, and many of the effects and routines worked for me, including the lighting of the Olympic cauldron. But I thought the opening extravaganza wasn't targeted enough at grabbing the world and emotionally uniting it. Yes, it was London's turn, but the theme seemed perhaps too Great British in focus.

Too political?

And, to me, it seemed way too political in parts. The visionary who produced the show was Danny Boyle, the famous English film director. He's admittedly leftward leaning and he has every right to be. But I'm not convinced that the opening ceremony was the right place to inject his enthusiasm for publicly funded health care. Perhaps he should have chosen a different venue for that.

I woke this morning to find the major media reviews mostly glowing. The positive descriptions in the press differed so greatly from my experience while watching that I thought I'd ask you if I completely misinterpreted the opening ceremony. Please let me know what you think in the poll below. And you're invited to leave comments, too.

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  1. I didn’t vote because I didn’t watch the opening or any of the games. I used to watch it all the time in the old days. lol I quit watching the Olympics when they started allowing Pros to compete.

  2. I’m not British, but I think Alasdair says it just right. I thought it was right on.

  3. I’m British, English. I voted bad. It’s my opinion that people world wide are just ready to have a good time, in light of this they just “go along with it”.
    If I ever want to see a children’s literature puppet show and a history of Industry lazor show again, I’ll be surprised.
    Thanks for your teachings.

    1. Hi, Labrataa —

      You’re welcome. And thanks for making your first comment at Poker1 and joining our family.

      Straight Flushes,
      Mike Caro

  4. Surely the ceremony is about showcasing all that’s great about GB? we’re proud of our NHS, so I understand Danny Boyle making reference to it.

    Besides, Bond with the queen makes up for ANYTHING.

    1. I voted fair, I think your comments were right on. I have been a fan of yours since early 80’s The first of your works I bought was your signed paper computer printed “Professional seven stud report” Your Book of Tells made me money back when i played more than I do now. I just pulled it off the book shelf and and going to read it again. I would be interested in the CD or tape on it.
      I am glad I found your great web site.

      1. Hi, Kenneth –

        I’m guessing you meant to make this comment a new topic, rather a reply to Alasdair above. In either case, welcome to our Poker1 family. is still in beta testing and much functionality is pending. As such, the store (top tab) isn’t open yet. When it is, my videos and books will be offered there. I hope you enjoy the one you’re reading now.

        And thanks for weighing in on the Olympics opening ceremony.

        Straight Flushes,
        Mike Caro

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