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Since the mid 1990s, I’ve been promising a Microsoft Windows version of Poker Probe. I finally programmed a simple Windows version of Probe around 1999, but abandoned it to focus on other projects. For the last two months, I’ve been working on it again between my regular research and tasks.

I better explain what Poker Probe is. Formerly, it existed as a Microsoft DOS program (pre-Windows) with no graphics, meaning everything was done in straight text. It isn’t a game where you play poker, but a research tool that lets you run simulations on 17 forms of poker. (Actually, there is a “prediction game” nested inside it that allows you to guess results and get graded on your accuracy.)

Testimony to it’s usefulness is the fact that dozens of poker books by credible researchers cite the old Probe for their findings. And, despite its lack of graphics or even mouse support, it is still used today. I find that fact kind of embarrassing, because — although it was arguably far ahead of it’s time — it looks archaic in today’s market. In fact, I asked Diane McHaffie (my director of operations) to stop selling it last year.

Broad environment

Anyway, the new version will be a fairly straightforward Windows interpretation of the old, with many new features. But, wait! I decided on a much broader design, in which Poker Probe + (note the “+”) will eventually be just one feature in a broad environment I call Poker Probe Campus. It’s modeled on my vision for Mike Caro University of Poker, Gambling, and Life Strategy (MCU) as departmentalized.

There will be the Arena where I (and others) can make presentations (live and on-demand); the Bookstore; the Classroom, where credits optionally can be earned toward diplomas; the Gymnasium, where you do mental exercises to improve skills at poker and in life; the Laboratory (where Poker Probe + is found) for research and experiments in poker, probability, and life; the Library, the campus Lounge, for relaxing and playing poker or other games; the Map Room, to easily find your way around campus; and even a Registrar office.

If that sounds too ambitious, you might be right. I’ll probably be improving it for the rest of my life. So, I decided to start with just Poker Probe +, including a skeleton of the campus, so you can tour the grand plan (and the mostly empty places under construction). Poker Probe Campus won’t be released for a year or probably longer. But, Poker Probe + inside Poker Probe Campus Preview is on the near horizon. Confused? Here’s the point…


I’m inviting beta testers for the software. If you don’t know the terminology, a “beta tester” is someone who uses a program before it’s formally released to the public and reports back about the experience, including any glitches discovered.

Diane McHaffie, my director of operations, is making a list of beta-tester candidates. Just use this link below to contact her. I’ll probably be ready to use beta testers within three months or less. Just so you understand, you don’t get paid to beta test. You get an advanced look at the software. And those who are accepted as testers will also get the first version free, when (and if) it’s released. I’m thinking of pricing this at about half the old DOS version (which was $69.95) — so, tentatively, $34.95. Poker Probe Campus, years away, will be a major suite of stuff and cost more, of course. If it ever gets released, you’ll be offered a large discount on that, too.

—  Contact Diane McHaffie about beta testing Mike Caro’s Poker Probe  —

Note: The number of testers accepted will be limited, so please don’t be offended if too many applicants means that Diane doesn’t choose you for this one. If this “Added Fast” Poker1 entry gets expanded (probably to a Caro blog entry), I’ll add screenshots from the new Probe version and the old DOS one.

— MC | Follow-up link: → None

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  1. Please let me know if there is any update on this. I would like the program, or would like to get the Beta Test version. Please let me know if there is any availability!!!

    Thank you,,

    1. Hi, Julie — This beta test has been delayed and put temporarily on the back burner. However the software is coming and your interest is appreciated. — Mike Caro

    1. Hi, Rocco — It will be months before the testing actually begins, but you’ll definitely be included. I’ll reserve a spot. Just remind me. Or message Diane.

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