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I’ve copied the press release from Advanced Poker Training (APT / → below. First, I want to share my thoughts on what this means to you, me, Poker1, and poker education, in general.

As I told you a few months ago, I’m in the process of surrendering my status as a hermit in the Ozarks and returning to the poker arena. As always, I’ll be very selective about what I endorse. So, why did APT become my first new endorsement?

My reasons, your benefits

It’s because I’ve been planning to add amazing new training tools at Poker1, through Mike Caro University of Poker. My colleague Bill Handy and I are formulating these right now. But, when I saw what Steve Blay had already done at APT, I realized that one piece of the puzzle was already in place. And it was amazing.


See what Advanced Poker Training has to offer: → GO THERE

No, really: → GO THERE — Mike Caro

You can go to APT right now, sign up, and for $19.95 a month you can play as many hands as you like, at up to 500 hands per hour, against intelligent automated players (bots) with various traits. You can set up specific hands you want to practice. You’ll get hand histories, automated real-time advice on request, and statistical breakdowns of how you’re doing. When you fold, the next hand appears immediately.

As I told Steve, I’d bet you could play poker every day for 20 years and not improve as much as you can with APT in one week!


As their Chief Strategist, which is the title I’m taking along with the APT affiliation, I have already advised Steve that he’s potentially underpricing this service by a large margin. But underpricing can be good — and I’m a fan of it.

Still, I was hesitant about signing a deal, because I wanted to use my own computer logic used in bots that students compete against. So, when Steve said he could soon develop a premium Mike Caro section, tailored to Poker1 students, I said, “Okay, let’s make it work.”

This deal means that I’ll be able to tailor APT’s magic to my personal training. And we’re already talking about other things that Bill and I are developing that can fit into their arena. So, what we have is a marriage of visions. We’ll be sending our respective online families back and forth between and I’m betting this will be the best thing that ever happened to poker education. — MC

Press release from Advanced Poker Training



Steve Blay, Director of Operations
P.O. Box 3856, Tallahassee, FL 32315


Tallahassee, Florida – February 4th, 2014 – In an announcement that promises to revolutionize poker education, Mike Caro, the legendary "Mad Genius of Poker", has joined forces with, the leader in adaptive, high-adrenaline poker training.

As APT’s Chief Strategist, Caro will be improving the quality and diversity of APT’s interactive content, and also offering additional content from his unmatched personal collection of poker strategy writing and multimedia.

“Mike Caro is the original pioneer in poker theory and computerized poker intelligence,” said Steve Blay, Director of Operations for “In 1984, he shocked the poker world by demonstrating his poker playing computer program at the World Series of Poker. I couldn’t be more thrilled that he’s chosen to partner with us in continuing to improve our groundbreaking software.”

Caro remarked, “I believe we can take poker training to levels never before imagined, using APT’s online magic. APT has astonished the poker industry, with articles in Bluff and Ante Up magazines chronicling its impact on traditional poker training."

Caro is the author of seven books, including “Mike Caro’s Book of Tells – The Body Language of Poker”, one of the most widely quoted books in the history of poker. A renowned statistician, he also derived 50 statistical tables for Doyle Brunson’s classic book Super/System. Caro currently runs Mike Caro University, and was formerly the Chief Strategist for the Bicycle Casino.

With over 6500 members from 27 countries, offers players of every skill level a highly customized training experience including the ability to play as many as 500 hands an hour against over 100 lifelike characters, weekly training reports, and a personal online hand history database. APT’s patented system is actually capable of learning and adapting to each member’s unique playing style, and offering advice. Most recently, their revolutionary “Beat the Pro Challenge” feature was received with much excitement in the poker community.


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  1. Mr. Caro are you still associated with Advanced Poker Training? And do you offer your personal lessons in conjunction with the hands played on Advanced Poker Training? I was scared away from gambling after I read a book by John Scarne twenty-five years ago. After reading your article on games that can be beat and then reading just about every article on your website my opinion of gambling (poker specifically) has changed. Your and Diane’s articles have encouraged me to invest in the game of poker. JLS

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I’ve endorsed and currently use that site in my training sessions via Skype.

  2. very interested in advanced poker training but would like month to month don’t mind paying 20 bucks and don’t want money back if I decide not to use it like to be able to use it when I feel like it

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