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Actress removed from play for Tea Party governor candidate endorsement
CBS San Francisco ↑

Mike Caro says:

I know, I’m scared, too. So, you and I need to decide whether to tremble in the shadows, hoping the politically correct police won’t see us — or we need to leap out with guns blazing. Fight or flight? I say fight, because fleeing from this modern madness really hasn’t worked for us, has it?

I don’t know what to think about this actress or this candidate. And it doesn’t make any difference. Did any actress get pressured from the cast of a San Francisco play for supporting Democrat governor Jerry Brown? Silly question. See the problem?

Be strong. Say what you believe. Don’t tailor it to the way you think they want to hear it. They don’t matter right now. There may come a time when they can see truth again. Then they’ll matter. But right now they can’t, so they don’t. Don’t be terrorized and intimidated into staying silent. Both the right and the left will try to make you behave to match their dreams. But your dreams count, too, right? — MC

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