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Hollywood shielding Martin Luther King from adultery inclusion in documentary
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Mike Caro says:

That both greatness and flaws cannot be documented regarding Martin Luther King is an American tragedy. I still remember the Los Angeles Times doing a front page story on King’s plagiarism when it was first discovered. Apparently, the newspaper got the word — such reporting was out-of-step with liberal media self-censorship. This was decades ago, back when the wave of intense media bias was just being born. It wasn’t quite clear yet to all reporters and editorial staff that journalism had a new purpose.

Yet I’m betting there are still copies of that Times issue floating around. I think it’s important, because it was among the last gasps of real mainstream journalism as we watched it die. I find King’s crusade uplifting. But I also find silencing people from reporting truth appalling. King was magnificent and had many flaws. So, if I seem racist and insensitive to you, good. Question why you think that way. Grow up and be strong. You kids really want to save the planet? Start here. — MC

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