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Transgender students through the eyes of Aljazeera America
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Mike Caro says:

When Aljazeera America took over Al Gore’s ailing Current TV network late last summer, I watched religiously. Now, if you think I chose the word “religiously” to point out that Aljazeera is a Muslim network, you’d be wrong. I chose it because most people would assume the connection, but they’d be wrong, too. Aljazeera doesn’t seem to be in the business of promoting religion.

Aljazeera is the biggest news organization in the Middle East. And it has credible resources there and globally. My impression was that it was pretty professional, with in-depth investigation added to the news fare. What I didn’t like was the near absence of humor and restrained silliness. I think you need that kind of mix to connect with an audience.

Beyond being too liberal for many, Aljazeera America seemed too consistently serious about itself. But it had its moments. It’s a mile better than Current TV, which I found insufferable.

So, consider Aljazeera America to be yet another liberal news agency. In fact, as you’ll see in this piece, they’re objectively liberal even in areas you wouldn’t expect them to be — gay rights, or in this case, transgender issues. I know, you’ve heard Muslims are anti-gay. You can be stoned to death for having homosexual friends, right? I hear you.

But Aljazeera America isn’t like that. And I thought you’d like to see this piece of journalism, more for what it says about the news agency than the subject it’s reporting. — MC

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