MCU poker tip: What’s the best game for you?

For most of us with poker skills, it’s much better to play poker than craps or roulette. That’s because at poker, you can control the odds by making quality decisions. Good players eventually beat bad players.

But when you play craps or roulette, it’s you against the house and the odds are in their favor. But, wait! Don’t be too critical of someone else for choosing craps over poker. You see, an unskilled player might have a better chance at craps, where the odds against winning a bet remain fixed, but not overwhelming. A poor poker player has a much worse chance of winning tonight at poker than at craps.

This leads to three conclusions:

1. Be careful who you play poker against, and try not to be overmatched.

2. Don’t gamble too big while you’re learning to play poker.

3. Don’t ridicule others for choosing a no-win casino game, because they might do even worse at poker.

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