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1-minute audio: All-in with big slick

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Audio title: All-in with big slick

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In hold ’em we call ace-king big slick. Should you go all-in? Obviously it depends on your opponents, on stack sizes, and more.

But, one of the biggest common mistakes in hold ’em is to call all-in with ace-king. When you do that you have to hope your opponent has a small pair or worse unpaired cards.

You’re at a disadvantage against any pair. And if it’s kings, your hole is deep. If it’s aces, your hole is hell!

Most times opponents have exactly aces, kings, queens or, rarely, jacks. And you’re at a disadvantage no matter which!

If your ace-king isn’t tied, you better be facing a silly bet or a bluff. You must fold!

But, here’s the deal, you can move all-in first with ace-king! Then those same terrible choices apply to your opponent and not to you. So, you can often move all-in first with big slick, but you should seldom call an all-in bet with it.

This is the Mad Genius of Poker, Mike Caro, and that’s my secret today!

Bonus notes

Before any action, if you hold ace-king and an opponent has a pair of aces, kings, or queens, it’s exactly 50 percent that the opposing hand is queens.

That’s because there are six combinations of each pair in the beginning. But after you’re dealt an ace and a king, there are only three combinations remaining for each of those ranks. — MC

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  1. Love your whole site. I can use all the tips you hand out. I play in a tourney once a week. I am getting better each time. I even like your news page.

  2. I like this, many people think AK is an automatic winning hand & shove, pocket pairs can beat AK, I agree have to know your opponent. Great advice!

  3. Please keep doing these! Sure, this wasn’t news to anybody who has frequented Poker1 since you opened it. We’ve heard this many, many times and maybe one of these times it will actually sink in… and maybe hearing it will do the trick! But there’s bound to be someone who hasn’t heard this golden nugget of truth and profit. I can’t wait to hear the next one!

  4. I would normally advise sticking with written analysis but your channelling of ‘The Central Scrutinizer’ has me tingling

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