Poker1 “quiet color” test (Caro blog)

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Do you like soft color or black and white? Please comment below.

What you see surrounding you today represents a test of color at Poker1 is still in development, with a formal opening planned for the near future.

We have previously presented a gray-scale theme, only using color for some graphics, photos, and video. That tended to make P1 stand out in the crowd, in our minds, and made the site relaxing and quiet.

Your opinion

However, there are advantages to color, too, so we’re experimenting with this — hopefully non-distracting — two-tone theme.  What do you think?

Do you like black and white better? This color test better? Both about the same? Neither?

If you’d like to weigh in, leave a comment below the photo of our traditional gray-scale theme that follows. — MC

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  1. Have know of you since draw poker in Chula Vista. Pleased to have found this site.

    I think it does need color but I don’t think this blue is it. Poker is a hot game, it needs a warmer color, shade of red or orange, maybe even yellow.

  2. Black and white still looked like a beta version and this color scheme makes me feel sick. Just go with regular color and all will be right with the world again. The color videos you show on this site are nice!

  3. The only thing that really threw me is the picture of the Jaundiced Genius of Poker in the masthead. I’m not a huge fan of the yellow, but for some reason I find the blue cool and soothing, like a fresh mountain stream.

  4. I’m for COLOR – the B/W was nice, but this has much better readability and usability, and more inviting. Make you want to stay here. And it still stands out from the other sites.

  5. The color looks great. The pale “butterscotch” is a very soothing color and works nicely with the text. I vote to say with color.

  6. I thought I would prefer the black and white … but actually I think this color is better.

  7. Mike, you’re a proponent of four-colored decks right? You have the latter two colors (blue & yellow) here, why not bring in the first two (black & red) as well?

  8. PS. I was on the site all morning, and it took seeing this article to realize you changed the colors.

  9. I’m all for color if it can be used functionally. That is, if you use color, use the same color throughout the site for specific objects, such as, links, article headers, etc. is a good example of this utilitarian approach.

    The function of this site is to communicate written information and provide readers with room to publicly share comments. No color is needed for this process to function, and aesthetic embellishments are just that… Color should be used with the specific intention of making the site easier to navigate. Use the color to draw the eye toward important pieces of information, or use it to standardize an object or class of objects that appear throughout the site.

    I see no reason to “dress up” the site. I would imagine most users are here to read and discuss what they’ve read.

    Having been on the site a few weeks, my only peeve is that I am not receiving email notification when someone responds to a comment I make… perhaps I’m an exception, not sure if I should be. If not, it would be great to have that level of interactivity.

  10. MR. Caro the b&w colors where good,i think these’s colors make the site “popout ” and you focus on the screen.What ever colors you choose im sure there gonna be great. Just keep throwing the info our way,love all your books and your Iamply vegas promo is great as well have all the class freshmen to senior.

  11. I like the color version. I would like to add that it is much more appealing where the borders are not so wide. I mean I like it at the top of the page but not down here in the comments section. Hope that helps.

  12. Interestingly, I still have the old scheme loaded so I can compare them directly. I liked the black and white scheme because it was, as you pointed out, easier on the eyes. But change is good, and I really like the colors you chose. Either way is fine; I think the colors take a little longer to load, but I think I like them a little better.

  13. You know that I have been for more color from day one Mike. The gray-scale reminds me of old western photos. I love westerns but we have color photography now. Some pics look better in black and white, some don’t. My daughter is a photographer and sometimes she does her pics in black and white and they look better that way. But a web site in all black and white. I vote for color.

  14. Hey Mike,
    I like adding some splashes of color. The yellow may not be doing you any favors, though. Your yellow-ish image in the masthead makes you look like there may be something wrong with your liver. But I’m all for the color!

    1. You might be right, Mike.

      The intention was to make my image look like an old sepia-tone photograph, which also lived in harmony with the two-tone — gold-to-tan and powder-blue — theme.

      They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, right?

      Straight Flushes,
      Mike Caro

  15. I like the colors where there are blues. Above most of the comments where there are foreground text I find the new look very soothing. Down here I get a different feel; maybe the same as gray.

  16. Hmm… with maximum due respect, not really digging the color scheme, Mike. Looks a bit too much like a baby’s bedroom for a site intended for serious poker study.

  17. Have you ever considered everything in black and white except the subject matter or even visa-verse. Thereby bringing what you want illustrated to the minds eye.

  18. B+W was great for me. I wouldn’t mind color, but these colors are awful. No matter what color, keep the great content coming, Mike!

  19. Well I liked the Black & White it did make it stand out. I am not against color, but these colors… ummm no.

  20. I like the black and white. However, the problem is not the color. It’s the template. But who cares, the content is always superb!

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