Failing to reply at the 2 + 2 forum (Caro blog)

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My reply at 2 + 2

The subject of a discussion at is “WTF happened to Mike Caro.”

I wasn’t aware that anything had happened to me, except that the past five years have been productive, I’ve continued to write books, currently have featured columns in two major poker publications, am doing research, and building Poker1.

And, along the way, I’ve had my share of publicity. So, the subject line surprised me.

What they said

I waded through,,,

“… it’s like he just vanished,”

“He went crazy,”

“… less relevant,”

“Poker really passed him by,”

“He’s old and probably busto,”

“cokes a hell of a drug,”

“He is also quite old,”

“Died on impact,”

“… probably still be a formidable opponent in 1-5 limit stud,”

“i’m pretty sure he was an ‘expert’ at 5cd at one point,”

“thats what old people do, they fall asleep,”

“He still plays at the Normandie,” (actually, a couple times, 30 years ago — MC)

“lol @ his math examples. he shows one to proof his theory,but as ‘standard’ bet, he uses a huge overbet to proof his point. sure” (whatever — MC)

“… clueless about NLHE and tournaments,”

“He has [only] $150K in live tournament winnings,” (and enters less than 1/100th as many events as some other players — and would prefer not to be  judged by his performance in an arena where he doesn’t compete– MC)

“But is he still playing 10/20 at the Bellagio?” (Never played that there, either. I seem to have been spotted in many places where I haven’t had the pleasure of my own company. — MC)

And there was more.

What I couldn’t say

But yesterday, PokerMikie added this (as reply #98):

“Played with Mike at the RIO 2 weeks ago, same old freak, terrible player. 15 years ago, he was fresh.”

I wanted to offer this reply:

“I haven’t participated in a poker game at the Rio in two years, except for the WSOP main event. So, I’ll have to accept PokerMikie’s word regarding the quality of my play. — Mike Caro”

For some reason, the 2 + 2 automated tools won’t allow my log-in and also won’t cooperate with my new registration. Damn glitches.

So, if you’d like to help me out, copy my reply, go to, and post it under PokerMikie’s comment on page 7 of that discussion. (Click the “Quote” button below his message to do this.)

Out of respect to that forum, if you notice that someone has already posted my reply, please don’t repeat it. Say something else, instead, if you choose to join the discussion.

IMPORTANT FOLLOW-UP: My reply was posted three times in the first few minutes after this blog entry appeared, and I only needed help with one posting. So, if you’d like to join the discussion, follow the link above and add other kinds of comments. Thanks to those who helped me out so quickly! Mission accomplished. — MC

As always, thanks for letting me share my life with you. Sometimes it seems lonely here in the forest. — MC

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  1. I don’t know, Mike… I think you may have a Nevadan doppelganger. I played a tourney in Reno a few days ago and there was a guy at my table who was an absolute dead ringer for you, except he was wearing a cap, listening to an iPod and didn’t utter a single word (the dead giveaway). At break time I grabbed a copy of Poker Player, showed your cover photo to a few people at the table and said “huh? right?”, and all agreed the resemblance was striking. I should have asked him if he ever played at the Rio…

  2. HERE NOW!!

    I was very happy with the BS in the thread, here we are, all in on the best poker strategy site online, while these dolts are trying to play live poker, sighing like heartborken girls at bad flops, and shaking like aspens when they hit, and folding out of turn and giving away every bluff….

    Now everyone will know.

    Two of these guys at a live table is worth at least one buy-in, usually more. Even on the worst runbad days, they keep you even. In a couple years they will wise up. Let’s not help them. Hoping by then online is back with lots of promotion and we’ll find a whole ocean of minnows.

    It’s the best of all worlds for live players smart enough to get Caroized.


  3. NOTE: I changed the paragraph that previously read: “For some reason, the 2 + 2 forums won’t allow my log-in and also won’t cooperate with my new registration. Damn glitches.”

    It now reads: “For some reason, the 2 + 2 automated tools won’t allow my log-in and also won’t cooperate with my new registration. Damn glitches.”

    Some might interpret the paragraph to imply that it was people who didn’t cooperate. The software is most likely what’s stopping me from gaining access. That’s why I said, “Damn glitches.”

    Straight Flushes,
    Mike Caro

  4. Mike – I love your forum. Can’t thank you enough for writing the
    Afterword for our new book,Winning Women of Poker- royalties
    going to Poker Gives.
    I’m disappointed on 2+2 for blocking u! They’re messing with one
    Of history’s greats and none of us appreciate that! Thanks for all
    The good you do and giving back

  5. It’s Internet, where everyone has a vote and opinion, don’t sweat it.
    I’m just sad you couldn’t reply to all those saying they saw you or played with you. I don’t understand what kind of praise they think they will gain.

    Also, it’s one thing not to agree with you regarding the size of the bet/raise, but calling anybody a bad player (especially someone much more experienced such as you, who devoted most of his life to poker) is beyond me. That kind of players are the main reason young and “new” players will always be referred to as online poker brats.

    Thank you for the valuable input, i’m constantly evaluating my play and always looking forward to your daily dose of poker wisdom. A bit of (hopefuly) constructive critisicm. I tend to notice that, at times, you get repetitive. Hope you don’t mind the honesty.

    Ivan, Croatia

  6. Hi Mike, I’m relatively new to the sport but I love reading ur page! Very informative and helps me improve all the time! I’m south african and although poker has been around for a long time, it has only become big here with the last 2-3yrs, so jus keep doin wat u doin and leave the critics to continue what they doin… Its the way of the world! Thanks again for an awesome column!

  7. Mike:

    Thanks for your Twitter feed and all the great info on your blog. I relish hearing from poker sages who can either validate or invalidate my play. I also love the rare occasion of hearing stories from games played before poker was made for television. Anyway, please keep up the good work and I’ll keep reading and learning. I’m 54 and have found that we old dogs can trick rings around most of the little snot-nosed whipper snappers at the holdem table with sage wisdom and learned patience of a tiger waiting quietly in the jungle for its evening meal. Hope good fortune finds you. gina in st. louis

  8. Don’t listen to them MC, they’re just stupid Internet trolls with megalomaniac complex. I find your advise very valuable. So thank you!

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