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Note: Even though Mike Caro services are associated with the Poker1 Store (owned by Mike Caro), deals are separately negotiated and transactions are handled through normal business billing and payments.

You will deal directly with Mike Caro or with his director of operations, Diane McHaffie.

(You will also find a mirrored description of these services, below all regular products, on the Poker1 Store page itself.)

Mike Caro services

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I’m Diane McHaffie, Mike Caro’s director of operations. I’ve convinced Mike to modify his hermit-in-the Ozarks status. After 11 years of working behind the scenes on important poker projects, he has agreed to consider interacting with the “real world” again.

I believe this is an exciting development for the poker community. For more than a decade, Mike’s appearances have been sparse — limited to a few select seminars, including at the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour Boot Camp, and a handful of television appearances.

Below is a list of some of things that Mike has pledged to consider. He is enthusiastic about returning to the public arena.

Please contact me directly to begin discussions with Mike, using this link:

—  Contact me about Mike Caro services  —

He would be honored to hear from you, as would I.

Types of services

  • Seminars

    Mike Caro pioneered poker seminars in the early 1980s. Through the decades, his entertaining, high-impact, motivational, seminars — packed beginning to end with powerful, proven advice — have been the gold standard.

    After over a decade of only appearing at a few high-profile events (such as at the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour boot camps, and various colleges worldwide), he again is available for some selective appearances sponsored by card rooms, casinos, corporations, or private groups.

    Topics can be poker or even life strategy.

    How much do Mike Caro seminars cost? Prices are negotiated, but in the past he has appeared at local venues on a fly-in, fly-out basis to deliver 90 minute seminars for as little as $1,500, plus travel, food, and lodging expenses. He is determined to continue to support poker at affordable rates.

    Obviously, major events and longer seminars lasting a full day or more can be considerably more costly, but Mike is dedicated to making certain that you get extremely good value for your investment.

    Mike only asks that all entities he associates with advocate honest and ethical standards and enthusiastically promote the event.

    Your Mike Caro seminar will also be promoted for free, right here at!

    —  Contact Diane McHaffie about Mike Caro seminars  —

    Diane is director of operations for Mike Caro,, and
    Mike Caro University of Poker, Gaming, and Life Strategy (MCU).

  • Consulting

    Bring Mike Caro into your project for a fresh, intelligent perspective. It’s like having a world-class expert strategist on your team that you don’t need to permanently hire.

    Although Mike has decades of experience dealing behind the scenes with poker management, his consulting services will add important second-opinion insights in non-poker arenas, too. He simply sees success and potential pitfalls in ways that might not be immediately apparent. And he’ll work in harmony with your staff to increase your likelihood of success, whether it’s major reorganization or a single promotion.

    Mike can also call on his informal team of highly experienced associates or hook you up with the right people, if needed.

    How does it work and how much does it cost? Prices are negotiated on a per-project basis. These can be a single online meeting or a month-long (or longer) affiliation. Mike prefers to interact by phone, teleconference, internet, and email, but is also available in person.

    His professional follow-up reports will let you tune in to his analysis. And he won’t pretend that you need changes, just to seem like he’s contributing something new. If he believes you’re already on the right track, he’ll say so.

    Think of it as affordably adding Mike Caro himself as a strategic analyst to your team, before you commit other resources.

    Mike only asks that all entities he associates with advocate honest and ethical standards.

    —  Contact Diane McHaffie about Mike Caro consulting  —

    Diane is director of operations for Mike Caro,, and
    Mike Caro University of Poker, Gaming, and Life Strategy (MCU).

  • Training

    Mike Caro is planning to offer paid personal and group training, covering poker and life strategy. You can let us know that you’re interested in these future services by clicking the link below.

    Mike’s methods are different from what you might expect. Training may include email exchanges, phone conversations, video and audio conferencing, and use of other tools. You often will use Mike’s published research and advice to launch your investigations and discussions.

    Frequently, Mike will ask you questions and analyze and guide your answers. You may be asked to try tactics in either everyday life or poker, depending on the nature of your training.

    Mike wants you to understand that his methodology, known as the “Mike Caro Method,” might not be suited to your expectations of learning. If you’re mostly interested in asking questions and getting quick answers, this probably won’t be the training you’re comfortable with. But if you want to have an educational adventure based on guided self-discovery, it’s something you should consider.

    How much does Mike Caro training cost? Since no training has launched, prices have not been established. Fees will be on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. Costs may be as little as $45 an hour for group training, discounted further for a full series of lessons. Individual poker training is much more expensive and only recommended for the most serious or advanced students. However, life stragegy coaching will cost less.

    Is there any formal graduation or certificates? Yes. If there are in-person courses offered by Mike Caro University of Poker, Gaming, and Life Strategy (MCU) in the future, there probably will be a graduation ceremony. Meanwhile, people completing individual courses will receive certificates relative to their level of accomplishment, as assessed by Mike Caro.

    Are there any caveats or gotchas? Yes. Your discussions with Mike Caro and your fellow students during this training will be saved and recorded. By participating, you grant permission for reuse of your training experience, including your words and lesson submissions and Mike’s responses. Examples of some reuse are: future courses, writings, and media production. In this way, others can benefit from your learning adventure with Mike Caro and costs are lower because of these contributions. Personal information that you share during life strategy training is, of course, kept confidential. And you may use a pseudonym or screen name, if you choose.

    —  Contact Diane McHaffie about Mike Caro tutoring and training  —

    Diane is director of operations for Mike Caro,, and
    Mike Caro University of Poker, Gaming, and Life Strategy (MCU).

  • Speaking

    Mike Caro is sometimes available for keynote addresses and other speaking appearances. These may include formal addresses or informal chats with organized groups or clubs, radio and television interviews, presentations targeted to your organization’s staff, and motivational speeches.

    (Also see seminars, above.)

    Prices are negotiated in keeping with the type of event and the preparation required.

    —  Contact Diane McHaffie about Mike Caro speaking  —

    Diane is director of operations for Mike Caro,, and
    Mike Caro University of Poker, Gaming, and Life Strategy (MCU).

  • Endorsements

    Mike Caro’s endorsements are among the most prestigious in poker. That’s because he only recommends a few products, events, and establishments that have earned his trust.

    He requires that anything he endorses is in harmony with the ethical standards that he has long advocated.

    Mike will be honored to consider your endorsement requests, even though he is very selective about the deals he makes in this regard.

    —  Contact Diane McHaffie about Mike Caro endorsements  —

    Diane is director of operations for Mike Caro,, and
    Mike Caro University of Poker, Gaming, and Life Strategy (MCU).

  • The COPS project

    Currently, Mike Caro is working with Bill Handy and others on a project he considers essential to online poker.

    Caro Online Poker Solutions is primarily based on Mike’s proprietary method of identifying cheating. His vast experience in advocating ethical play has led him to what he considers the most important endeavor of his life — a complete solution to preventing partnerships and other illegal practices from ruining winning opportunities for honest players.

    This is an opportunity for your online poker entity to partner with COPS while it is still in development and strike a positive blow for the integrity of poker. Mike will publicly endorse honest entities who make deals to join in this crusade.

    —  Contact Diane McHaffie about the COPS project  —

    Diane is director of operations for Mike Caro,, and
    Mike Caro University of Poker, Gaming, and Life Strategy (MCU).

  • Anything else?

    Although Mike Caro has reduced his writing, outside research, and other tasks to focus on Poker1 and his personal projects, he is always eager and honored to hear your proposals.

    From syndication to tournaments, from high-profile columns to movies — you name it. If you think Mike Caro might be a good fit for you, he usually will consider the deal.

    Even though he may pass on most opportunities, he is often generous in providing suggestions and, sometimes, hooking you up with the right people.

    —  Contact Diane McHaffie about Mike Caro doing “anything else”  —

    Diane is director of operations for Mike Caro,, and
    Mike Caro University of Poker, Gaming, and Life Strategy (MCU).

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  1. Real World requires more specific definitions although not by you in any way. It’s the nature in the way which it seen or conceived. .

  2. Dear Diane,
    Mr. Caro is going to be very busy just to cover the cost of all the work you are doing for him in so many departments, and that must be a pleasure for him. It just came to me to try and find him tonight. I recently opened the book Super System2 to the chapter he wrote for Mr. Doyle, and the rest of the world. When I read “The Threshold of Misery” Iinstantly realized that he is so much more than funny, honest,caring and a pleasure to read. He is something else. I used the word “Brilliant” once, but I really haven’t thought of the appropriate word yet. I have been across that line and back too many times, and it wasn’t playing cards. I wnat to get back andfinish that chapter someday and also Caro on GHambling which I msut have completely forgotten I evenhad, as I have been going through too many boxes of too many thinks, decreasing the volume of then by at least 50%. It is temptingto leave herewith a suitcase and some computer bags, but I ave too many books I haven’t read yet, so where I put my belonginga and where I go is still a mystery. There is no doubt that Mr. Caro is one of the rare people that make living on earth so important and also balance the human experience. Well, mine anyway. I am pushing straight ahead and believe we are at a special place in our evolution. I now have more proof of that with his return. Thank you for being. Will Baldwin, 3 East 10th Street – 3A, New York, NY, 10003, 212-473-2445.

    1. It is exciting that Mike is leaving his hermit life behind and rejoining the rest of us in the real world. He has so much to offer everyone!

      I have to agree with you, Mike Caro is brilliant. I’m sure there are other words that correctly apply, as well, but the one you chose at one time, does seem to say it all.

      He has affected many people’s lives in a multitude of positive ways, myself included. His job is not finished! It’s time to go forward.

      Whatever path you choose, I wish you all the best.

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