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Mike Caro introduces his MCU campus
Mike Caro University of Poker, Gambling, and Life Strategy



Your online access to MCU — Mike Caro University of Poker. It’s the advanced school of winning.

Free courses and training. Paid enrollment for serious players.

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Selected activities— for MCU students —

Tuesday • June 2 • 2015

FSI — My easy poker profit monitor

How to know quickly if a poker game is worth your time

Monday • June 1 • 2015

High-low split secrets, plus poker tips

The power of poker position is different in high-low games

Sunday • May 31 • 2015

Some tips on playing the small blind

How to get the most money out of the worst position in poker

Saturday • May 30 • 2015

Brunson: Don’t let those weak opponents escape

Why give them extra opportunies?

Friday • May 29 • 2015

Valuable 7-stud advice from the past

Making the odds work for you, using deception, and more

Thursday • May 28 • 2015

Choosing a winning seat scientifically

Intelligent choice of a chair matters in poker

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