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The main consideration in determining whether a particular form of gambling can be beat is: “Do my decisions really matter?” If the odds are against you and you can’t make meaningful decisions that will improve those odds, you can’t win. This is why no statistical analysis can give you an edge in craps or roulette. There are no magic betting systems.

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Sure, after the fact in roulette, you might see that you would have won by betting red instead of black, but you had no reason to make a meaningful decision beforehand. In games like poker and blackjack, your decisions do matter, and so these games can be beaten through expert play.

Now, it may be that your decisions matter, but not enough to overcome the odds against you. So, not every form of gambling where your decisions matter can be beat. But, you will only have a chance to control your own odds in games where your decisions count. That’s why I teach: “In order to overcome any odds against you in gambling, your decisions must matter.” Think about it. — MC

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