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Tiny tremors when a previously steady opponent bets are almost always an indication of a big hand. You’re seeing a release of tension that happens when the suspense ends in a positive way – and it’s quite normal for many players.

When you see this, don’t expect to catch a bluff. In fact, seldom call unless you have a superior hand yourself.

We’re not talking about the standard shaking hand tell. That’s among the most misunderstood tells in poker. Some players assume that when an opponent bets and his hand begins to shake, that’s an indication of nervousness relating to a bluff.

Something good

It isn’t. It’s a sign that something very good has happened to that player, that the suspense is over, and that the excitement of knowing the pot is his is being reflected in his shaking hand.

Fine. But we’re not talking about that obvious tell. We’re talking about something much less apparent. Tiny tremors. You have to look closely to spot this tell, but it’s profit potential is monumental. You’re looking for fingers that aren’t quite steady. They may seem a bit rigid, but they’re also more or less vibrating.

The dynamics are the same as the shaking hand, but there’s more control. The tell is more subtle. Strong opponents often exhibit this tell. So, look closely. You’ll be rewarded! — MC

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