Poker odds 07: 5-draw + joker, three cards to pair (b)

Note: All odds tables at were personally calculated by Mike Caro, unless otherwise specified. Many were done in the early 1970s and included in the original Doyle Brunson Super/System — A Course in Power Poker, first published in 1978.

At the time of publication, there were few, if any, reliable sources for poker odds. The 50 often-cited tables stood the test of time and remain unchallenged to this day.

Index of all poker odds tables

TABLE 7 – Five-card draw:
Drawing three to a pair
Making specific hands or better
(53-card deck – including joker)

You draw three to a K♦ K♣, discarding 4♦ 3♣ 2♠…

The probability that you will make… Expressed in percent (%) is… The odds against it are… Number of possible combos
4-Kings 0.27 375 to 1 46
Full House 1.30 75.9 to 1 225
3-Kings 12.49 7.00 to 1 2,161
Aces-up 14.86 5.73 to 1 2,571
Kings-up 28.76 2.48 to 1 4,974
No Help 71.24 0.40 to 1 12,322

Number of possible outcomes: 17,296

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