Poker1 log of changes and additions: 2010-03

NOTE: Mike Caro made this log public on the home page (along with the to-do list), but it’s primarily used internally at Poker1. That’s why you might get that "TMI" feeling ("Too Much Information").

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Added or completed entries or pages… 

Poker tell video: Make them hesitate

Lies told about psychology in poker

Poker1: Terrible, annoying, old-fashioned? (Caro blog)

Changed entries or pages…

Toned down capsule bio “About Mike Caro,” because MC believed “authority of impeccable reputation” and “top-level consultant” sounded too much like hype for the context

Fixed “Poker1 visitor tips” – had “Read the rest of this entry” below headline

Minor fixes

Functionality added, discontinued, or changed…



Added “Lies told about psychology in poker” to Spotlight

Removed “Poker audio: Caro’s Law of Loose Wiring” from Spotlight

Added “Poker1: Terrible, annoying, old-fashioned? (Caro blog)” to Spotlight

Removed “Tuesday sessions 24: Bad rule + short-handed tips” from Spotlight

Added category POKER1 EXTRA / Mike Caro / Biographical to “Mike Caro complete biography”


Added or completed entries or pages… 

Poker photos from Iraq (Caro blog)

Poker tell video: Look or lose

Wiesenberg (pan): Aunt Sophie plays position (1)

Wiesenberg (pan): Aunt Sophie plays position (2)

Mike Caro poker word is Connect

Changed entries or pages…

Poker index subpage: Made the word “INDEX” (near the top) link to INDEX main menu tab.

Minor fixes.

Functionality added, discontinued, or changed…



Added “Poker tell video: Look or lose” to Spotlight

Removed “Poker audio: Avoiding disaster with Occam’s Razor” from Spotlight

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