Fast 2014-09-13: Why a Poker1 “Fast” category? ↑

“Added Fast” purpose: Allow Mike Caro to post spontaneous thoughts, tips, and information.

  • Includes Mike’s notes to himself.
  • Titles begin with “Fast,” plus date.
  • If expanded later, link is at bottom.

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So, here I am thinking to myself, what’s the true purpose of Poker1? Didn’t you (meaning me) create this site to share your life’s work and even yourself with friends worldwide? If that’s true (and it is), why should everything need to be carefully produced and vetted before it’s added to P1? Shouldn’t some things be spontaneous?

Those are all solid questions, and I’m glad I posed them to myself. And, in response, I’ve decided that there should be a separate category where I can post thoughts, tips, concepts, information, and whatever, before it’s crafted into a regular P1 entry. In fact, I’m guessing that much of the content will never become regular entries. It will simply sit here for reflection.

What for?

Okay, then what will I use the category for, exactly? Well, maybe to provide notes about poker or life strategy that I intend to expand later. Maybe to rattle off a quick opinion about a news link that interests me and possibly others. Maybe to make pending entries public before they’re fully edited and elevated to normal entry status. Maybe to just babble about society, politics, or products. Who knows?

Let’s consider anything filed in this “Added Fast” category to be the equivalent of a more private Twitter account that is only accessible to those who visit me here. It will, of course, let me sometimes post things that are longer than Twitter’s 140 character limitation.

Also, these hasty entries aren’t reviewed for accuracy, unless otherwise stated. I’m sharing quick thoughts, but that means you can’t use them to discredit my research or teachings. They’re simply ramblings spontaneously shared with my Poker1 family, subject to revision or retraction. Please don’t publicly interpret them differently or I’ll have to abandon this effort.

Sometimes I might use this category just to send messages to myself. If so, just ignore those.

Easy access

Anyway, you can always access these “Added Fast” entries by clicking the very top of the Poker1 library on the left sidebar.

If a fast entry is later polished into a regular one, you’ll see a link at the bottom. Some will even be “self-elevated,” meaning that I was satisfied with the content (or grew fond of it) and decided it was worthy of full Poker1 entry status. If so, you’ll see an up arrow (like this: ↑) at the end of the title.

Good idea? Bad idea? Not sure yet. But now it begins. And together we’ll see what happens.

— MC | Follow-up link: → None

Also see:  → All Poker1 “Fast” entries

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