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EPA gives regulation of Wyoming city of 11,000 to Indian tribe — plus 1 million acres
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Mike Caro says:

Journalists could help sell millions of papers with factual reporting of the Environmental Protection Agency’s abuses of power. In fact, the only reason the EPA still exists in its present form is because the leftward American media will not report.

This story is just another example. Most people don’t even realize the power that the EPA has to steal, repress, and terrify citizens. What’s to blame? Oddly, I partially blame the radical right Redneck culture for making themselves poster people of anti-regulation to such an extent that they are so despised that city folk can think straight. I blame politicians’ failures to confront radical environmentalists who are treated as if they have wrong-headed, but heartfelt beliefs. Well, let me tell you, as one who lived among the hippies: These folks don’t have heartfelt beliefs. They’re just out to stick it to the man and act out their insanity in visible ways. There’s no more to it than that.

Once you understand that great truth, all the rest of the so-called progressive nonsense begins to make sense. You suddenly see the EPA, the radical left, and others for what they are. They’re children who will continually push boundaries against permissive parents, desperately waiting to be told to go to their rooms. — MC

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