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Another side to the NFL Richie Incognito bullying of Jonathan Martin story
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Mike Caro says:

It seems pretty clear from this and other reports that the “bullying” was mutual and probably not mean in spirit. Martin wasn’t a major star and, perhaps, wanted out.

The fact that his mother has a background in labor law makes me a bit more suspicious of his motives. Still, we’ll never know the truth and maybe Martin was pushed emotionally beyond the breaking point.

Rookies in the NFL shouldn’t have to endure mistreatment, whether it’s been passed along as a tradition or not. They’ve been hired to do a job. And seasoned teammates should help, not hinder the effort. I think that there was a rush to judgment against Incognito and that he was tarnished by the media in ways beyond what was appropriate.

Yes, there is a much-aired video showing Incognito “out of control,” but I’m guessing that was more acting than real anger — especially since you can hear others in the background laughing and conversing normally. I don’t know and you don’t know. And it’s likely to remain a mystery to us. — MC

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