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“I look down on women with husbands and kids and I’m not sorry”
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Mike Caro says:

Just as many liberals get emotionally upset and become irrational when you like anything about Sarah Palin or challenge global warming, many conservatives get limp-brained when they read essays like this. But why?

Amy Glass, the author, can believe professional women are superior to stay-at-home moms. It’s an opinion, people. This small piece outside the major media shouldn’t have caused the uproar that it has.

This is precisely why I’m uncomfortable around radical liberals and staunch moral conservatives. Both are so uptight (meaning self-repressed, in case you’ve forgotten the hippie era) that they’re no fun. I included this one so we can ponder whether Amy is right. Whether she is or not, she should be free to think it. And then she should be free to convey her thoughts. Let’s stop the sensitivity and maybe we can think clearly again. Right now we can’t. — MC

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