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Law requiring voters to prove identities blocked in Pennsylvania
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Mike Caro says:

If you try to comment objectively on this issue, you’re perceived as aligning yourself with a political party.

Well, I’m not aligning; I’m just telling you truth that would be obvious to anyone who isn’t emotional. The Democrats suck on this one. (And, yes, I’ll be telling you when Republicans suck, too.) They talk about “voter suppression” as if that’s a bad thing.

Voter suppression is the entire purpose of policing the vote — keeping those who have no right to vote from polluting outcomes. Note that this doesn’t mean hindering the right people from voting; it means hindering the wrong people from voting. And when they hear those words, many whose brains have been corrupted by political correctness will jump up in unison and cry, “Who are you to say who are the right and wrong voters?” And some might even add, “That sounds racist or sexist or something — I’m not sure, but you shouldn’t have said it.”

Of course, Democrats know that voter ID basically prevents the wrong people from voting illegally. But that prevention works against them. That’s why many of them act immorally and unethically to promote the pollution. And that’s simply how it is. I’m not taking political sides. I’m just weighing in on this important issue. And, so, please tell Judge Bernard L. McGinley (Democrat) that he has just been overruled. — MC

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