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Christie’s bridge scandal gets 44 times news coverage in two days that IRS scandal got in last six month
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Mike Caro says:

News coverage by major media has grown so biased over the past two decades that it’s hard to find reliable sources. Of course, Media Research Center makes those leaning right much happier than those leaning left. You suspect that the organization, whose stated mission is to expose bias in major media, is guilty of bias itself. Still, that’s hard to prove without major examples of bias in favor of conservatives. Would those be exposed by MRC? We’ll never know, right?

About the Chris Christie scandal itself, Poker1 is preparing to put up odds of all likely candidates winning the 2016 presidency. Were Christie’s chances damaged? Yes, but only in a weird mathematical way. If it turns out that he didn’t know about staff efforts to dramatically reduce bridge traffic and inconvenience commuters as political retribution, then his swift and decisive actions after finding out might actually endear voters.

So, Christie’s chances don’t seem to fall much on the surface. But, wait! What if evidence points to him having known. Then he’s toast. So, the odds for Christie are now volatile. He might not be damaged much, but he might turn out to have been fatality damaged. Only unfolding events will determine the truth. There’s little middle ground in the mathematics for these odds.

Christie could still be harmed by not having taken emergency action to fix the traffic situation immediately, while it was occurring. But we don’t quite know the circumstances surrounding that yet.

In any case, we won’t be giving him much of a shot at becoming president, because — although he’d have a good chance if he won the Republican nomination — he is much less likely to be nominated than most pundits seem to suggest.

The main reason I included this story, however, has little to do with Christie and a lot to do with the sad state of major American news agencies. — MC

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