Mike Caro Brain Trust methodology

The Mike Caro Brain Trust, also known as the Mad Genius Brain Trust uses logic, rather than guesswork, to generate odds. For one thing, this means the the chances will always total 100 percent. That may seem obvious, but you’ll sometimes find published odds that don’t adhere to that standard.

For instance, if you see chances for four candidates, A to D, listed as: A (4-to-1) against; B (1 to 1, even money), C (2-to-1 against), and D (9-to-1 against), you know something is wrong. Why? It’s because translated into percentages, A is given 20%, B is given 50%, C is given 33.33%, and D is given 10%. Add those together and you get 113.33%. Since the prediction is for an outcome that is presumed to happen 100% of the time, the total chances must equal 100 percent. If they don’t, beware.

Mike Caro delivers odds on events in a way similar to how he analyzes poker. Elements are divided and subdivided. Statistical analysis is applied, when possible. Mike Caro’s judgment is central to announcing odds. So, if you don’t trust his judgment, you won’t be comfortable with his odds. That’s because, although he often consults with his Brain Trust and others in formulating the odds, the final decision is his own.

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