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Global warming expedition stuck in summer ice
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Mike Caro says:

This is yet another example of what I find appalling about today’s journalists. We’ve seen several cruise ship disasters in the news recently. Inevitably someone calls them “cruises to Hell.”

This “climate change” expedition, complete with scientists lecturing paying adventurers, can’t be a cruise to Hell — assuming you consider “cold as Hell” an oxymoron.

I looked at five stories about this from major news outlets and, indeed, they do avoid talking about the climate-change/global-warming connection. And that isn’t hard to uncover, if you investigate the backgrounds of the scientists.

Keep in mind it’s mid-summer in Antarctica. The contrast between global warming and unexpectedly thick ice would make for great news reporting and interesting reading. But, alas, some people might find it amusing. And journalism today is the art of dictating what can be laughed at. — MC

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