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Do social conservatives harm cause by invoking Jesus?
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Mike Caro says:

You might conclude that the author doesn’t have a clue about what’s really going on in the Christian community. But, wait! That’s my point.

Consider me religiously repurposed, which means I’m both not atheist and not religious. I’m open to anything, but closed to ignorance. So, although the writer’s perspective is wrong in several areas, Republicans need to understand what she thinks. I moved to the Ozarks from big-city California, and I can tell you that in my circles, Republican ideas wouldn’t even be considered by many, because of the Christian connection. This wasn’t anti-Christian so much as anti-preachy.

Republicans think the religious right is their base. It isn’t. The close association with those groups is precisely what keeps intelligent people from considering a break with the Democrats. Many could be sold on the concept of smaller government, but not if it comes with moralizing and restrictive social laws. Reigning people in and controlling them IS big government. — MC

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