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Store owner told on TV she would get $1 million for lotto sale, gets nothing
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Mike Caro says:

This story hurts my heart. Sometimes crushed expectations are more painful than a long spiral downward. She thought she might get a $25,000 bonus for selling a winning lottery ticket. But, while being interviewed on CNN, she was told she would get $1 million. Both she and the interviewer were wrong. She gets only heartbreak.

Personally, I don’t care much about the lottery, considering it a government scam. They take half off the top, you’re taxed up to half of the remainder, and you jump up and down celebrating your good fortune if you win. Me? I’ve never bought a ticket.

One of the most obnoxious TV advertisements I’ve ever seen came from the promoters of the California lottery. It said something like, “How would you feel if your numbers came up and you didn’t buy a ticket?” But I’m thinking more along these lines: “How would you feel if your numbers came up and you didn’t get paid?”

That’s the reality, right? When you take half the jackpot money, it’s like excluding a second winner. — MC

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