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Held over

Female diplomat from India
arrested in U.S.

Washington Post ↑

A different perspective
The Times of India ↑

Mike Caro says:

There’s much more to this story on the horizon. Minimum wage — good or bad — doesn’t just specify what an employer must pay; it also forbids people from freely accepting a job.

If I took a homeless person into a shelter and provided food, that person might help out. But if I provided pocket money, say, $4 an hour in addition, I’d be breaking the law, right? Make sense? What about the Visa violations? Well, millions of people cross the U.S. borders and don’t even bother with that — and they’re championed in some circles.

So, I’m wondering if this international incident, involving arrest, jail, and potentially years in prison is a bit overblown. I don’t have all the facts, so who knows? — MC

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