MCU poker tip: Two big kickers + small pair in 7-stud

After the fourth card, should you chase down a probable pair of jacks with a smaller pair in seven-card stud? It depends on many factors — the number of players, the exact cards exposed, the betting sequence, the habits of opponents, tells, and more. Remember, the decision you make on fourth street is very important, because — under most casino structures — the fixed limits double on the next betting round.

I will almost always continue to pursue the pot for a single bet when I have two cards higher than the probable opposing pair and I don’t see a higher card than my kickers in that opponent’s hand. So, if my cards are 4-A-4-Q and I suspect a pair of jacks and see no higher cards in that hand, I’ll still play. (In fact, I’ll sometimes bet out and sometimes raise if bet into.) That’s because if I make another pair, I’m likely to have two pair larger than those my opponent would most likely make (jacks up).

If I have 4-3-4-10, though, I’d almost always fold. If I have only one higher card, such as 4-K-4-10, I usually fold, but sometimes call. Of course, this explanation is very simplistic, but it’s a profitable guideline when there are no obvious other factors guiding your

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