MCU poker tip: Hold ’em, don’t raise from big blind

When many opponents just call my big blind, I’ll seldom raise without a powerful hand. Intermediate strength is seldom enough to justify using my option to raise from the big blind position.

Why not raise?

One reason I don’t raise with moderate strength is because I’ll need to act early on all future rounds of betting, giving all (or most) of my opponents a positional advantage. (The small blind is the exception.) Another is that raising will reduce my pot odds. Right now the pot is offering me infinitely good odds, because I can choose to see the flop for free. Any bet I make will greatly reduce the value of that “free gift,” although the sacrifice is often worth it with significantly strong hands.

Against multiple callers, unless I have real strength, I will usually accept a free look at the flop. You should, too. — MC

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