MCU poker tip: Hold ’em suits

Many players underestimate the value of same-suit starting cards in hold ’em. While it’s true that flushes will only comprise a small portion of the hands you finish with, they comprise a large and profitable portion of the hands you win with.


Here are two powerful rules for measuring the power of suited cards:

(1) The larger the ranks, the less important it is that your starting hand is suited, because high ranks often win in other ways;

(2) The fewer the number of opponents, the less important it is that your starting hand is suited, because it doesn’t require great strength as often to beat fewer opponents, especially just one.

Put it together

It’s important to conceptualize those two truths about starting with suited cards in hold ’em. Let’s put it together.

When we do, it’s obvious that low-ranking suited cards, including “suited connectors,” usually are more profitable against many opponents when played correctly. So, seldom raise with those hands in an attempt to drive opponents out. And seldom bet prematurely while speculating. Check instead, hoping for a free card.— MC

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