MCU poker tip: Always be pleasant to play against

Yes, you can get opponents to “go on tilt” and lose additional money by aggravating them. But that’s the wrong way to go about playing poker.


In the long run, opponents will continue giving you easy money only if you make the experience as pleasant as possible. Never ridicule their play. If they beat you, be gracious.

Every opponent faces decisions that are borderline for them. It doesn’t matter whether your opponents are loose or tight, there’s a balancing point where they can decide to fold or call you.

And when you have a strong hand, you want to be called. Both tight players and loose ones will call you more often than they usually would if you’re fun to play against. Looser opponents call more often, of course, but you want even more calls from them than they would give to others.


All players have discretionary money to award with borderline decisions. Weak opponents will give the most money to players who make winning with bad hands fun and losing painless. So will strong opponents. Try to be one of the players they don’t mind losing to.— MC

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