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Apple has discontinued the game Texas Hold'em that it developed for its iOS operating system. The platform is aimed at mobile devices, such as the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Texas Hold'em was the first game ever produced by Apple for iOS. In fact, no other game was ever released by Apple for iOS. 

Other publishers

Poker games, including hold ’em, are available for iOS from other software publishers.

I have never used this software, so I can't comment on its value, except that it sold in Apple's store for $4.99. Please post your comments below, including personal experience with the software.

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  1. I used the game when it first popped onto the App store. While the opponents were very easily beaten, there was an aspect of the game where if you paid attention to the video players, you would be able to pick up tells by watching their motions and mennerisms – A neat feature that barely had any impact on the game because the computer was so soft. But it was fun for a while.

  2. Mike, fifteen years ago i bought your software on playing Holdem and it would tell you what to play and when to play and raise and iwon practically every time i went to the casino an then i read doyles book and a couple by that nit skylansky and it screwed my damn game up i mean to tell you that bullshit of two perfect cards and perfect position is the most boorish and nonproductive bunch of bullshit in this world and besides that it aint no fun to wait on two aces ALL i want is your original software and that deal with the tells. you have so much bullshit on this page i can't tell what the hell is what and what is a CNET like i give a shit. all i want is what i want and i will pay you and you can go back to being a damn hhermit and i can go back to having fun and making money. i don't gamble for a living but i ave written four poker novels they're not statistical bullshit they are gambling stories i have had the privelege of running around with some of the best poker players in the world. it has taken me fifteen years to figure out when i played poker like you told me it was llike iwould snap a whip and all the othersonofabitches would do what i wanted but sense i became a poker player and can count the hairs on a nuns pussy i don't win shit and i don't have a good time i live in arkansas my home phone number is 501-xxx-xxxx (NOTE: number removed by editor) if i made a living selling stuff i believe i would use the kiss technique "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID" i do want the software i liked playing that damn thing because i could carry that knowledge i have went back to raising on the come and getting me a free card and i'm doing a lot better but with that software i believe in thirty or sixty days i would becoe a force to be reckoned with again i aint soory about my language too much shit on this page Woodywood ol yeahmy website is pokerplayers and wannabe' believe it or not you would bust anut reading my books hehe i do have a sense of humor but i get pissed when i want something and i know its out there i just can't find it waiting on a phone call i promise if you have someone call i give you my debit card hermit the notorious woody wood

    1. Hi, Woody —

      That's a lot to digest, and I think the software you reference is someone else's. I didn't sell anything like you're talking about, but thanks for the compliments.

      Some of what you wrote confuses me, but I enjoyed reading it — although I personally recommend anything David Sklansky writes. Thanks for making your first comment at Poker1 — I think. LOL.

      Straight Flushes,

      Mike Caro


  3. I purchased the app back in 2008 or so. It's OK for a real rookie. There is a general strategy to beat the game and I've made it all the way to the final table of the last venue — that is, the final final table. In terms of playing against real opponents, the software would not prepare you for it  as the strategy to beat the game would not translate to a live or online table. I did find it useful, though. I found it was a good no-pressure simulation to learn the more technical basics of the game such as counting outs and calculating pot odds without any *real* pressure and without help from additional software (similar to a live game). And, it's portable (i.e., a cell phone app) so I could practice these things anywhere. I'll still fire it up on a rare occassion to practice some skills but it's more of a refresher of the nuts and bolts technical ones rather than any type of strategy.

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