Caro’s Roulette System #1 explained

Read after you’ve seen Caro’s Roulette System #1.

Why my system really works!

Leading experts agree: Caro’s Roulette System #1 really does cut the house advantage to literally zero — Here’s why in the creator’s own words

OK, since you were smart enough to come to this page, I won’t play any more games with your mind. Here’s the truth.

photo showing American roulette wheel layoutPeople are always asking me for good roulette systems. This disturbs me, because for many years I have preached that there are some gambling games you can beat and some you can’t. In the can-beat category are poker, sports wagering, blackjack, and more. In the can’t-beat category are craps, roulette, wheel of fortune, keno, and much more.

Yes, I will entertain arguments that you can theoretically beat roulette by measuring the rotation of the ball and the speed of the wheel. But that’s another matter for another day — and, besides, this turns out to be better in theory than it is in practice.

So, let’s look at Caro’s Roulette System #1. In saying that my system could cut the house edge to literally zero, I chose the word “literally” quite carefully. It means that “zero” is to be taken precisely to mean “zero.” If you follow the instructions exactly, all bets are eliminated. You can sit and watch the wheel spin forever, but you will never make a bet — unless you violate the instructions.

Now that I’ve explained it, you might want to review the rules again. Here they are…

Caro’s Roulette System #1

First, never bet simply red or black. Also don’t bet odd or even. These are equally poor, consistently losing wagers.

Second, don’t be suckered into betting zero or double zero, despite what some experts may suggest. This may seem like you’re betting with the house, but for technical reasons you are actually betting against the house — and you are taking the worst of it.

So, in order to negate the house advantage, you MUST stick to straight non-green number bets. All odd red numbers turn out to be bad choices, based on over two trillion computer trials. Don’t bet them.

All even black numbers fair poorly, and cannot be bet, for much the same reason, which I won’t explain here.

Let’s get straight to the money-saving advice. Any bet you decide to make MUST cover only even-red or odd-black numbers. There are no exceptions.

Finally, you need to be very disciplined in excluding the number 30 and the group of consecutive numbers that begins with 11 and continues clockwise through and including 14.

This system may seem mystical, but I take gambling quite seriously, and this works for me.

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Mike Caro

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  1. Hi —– This is very interesting
    but === have you all checked some distribution numbers ?
    What they do on table — give you example

    anyone know that any game (without streaks is looser)
    Now i wouldnt say this 1st …before me this was stated many players
    around the world.
    What streaks ? ———- esay can be color streak, dozen numbers streak,colum streak,even odd …… but there is one more streak

  2. Hi, Im very interested to know more about roulette. Able to share more with explainations? On the 11 numbers? Will be delighted to receive your email.

  3. So you’re just being a smartass to further inflate your enormous ego. Following the rules you end up with no numbers to bet on. Brilliant!

    You’re so clever, or believe yourself to be, but just a bit narcissistic in wanting those vulnerable enough to actually play the numbers that would show if you followed 11-14 on table set up, not the wheel.

    Does this make you feel even more important, saving people from themselves if they can just use their brains like you do?

    I’m from Australia and we have many names for people like you but first class wanker comes to mind.

    Has playing with those of less intellect (which I assume is everyone as far as you’re concerned) and watching them scramble to find the answer to their roulette dream gotten you a little excited? Given you a bit of a laugh at those foolish enough to waste there time on your little trickery?

    Don’t know how I found this site, but one thing is for sure, I will now be losing it.

    What a knob.

    1. Hi, Anonymous —

      It wasn’t my intent to offend anyone with this. Please cite some specific language that you feel is inappropriate, so I can better consider your point of view.

      It seems as if you might not understand the rules of discussion here. We’re polite and pretend we’re talking to friends in our living room. I’m approving your post, anyway, because the harshness is aimed at me and not our Poker1 guests.

      Straight Flushes,
      Mike Caro

  4. Hi Doug,

    I am sorry to ask you: What are the 11 numbers that you can understand from Caro’s explanations?

    Until now, I still can not figure out what are those exact 11 numbers from Caro’s explanations. I am amateur when it comes to Roulette betting.

    I hope you can mention these 11 numbers here, or send to my email address: personally.

    Thank you very much for your kind help.


  5. A brilliant system I made over 3 grand betting the 11 numbers you described. I wonder if this system would work on a double zero wheel.

  6. Hi Mike,

    1. So, this method is used ONLY for American Roulette Style with Two ZEROs?

    Can it be used effectively with European Roulette? And other types of Roulette?

    2. About the numbers to bet on, I just tried on American Roulette, and seemed to understand these numbers. They are from number 30 down to number 11, right ?

    So, I only bet on 15 numbers exactly except the Two ZEROS, right ?

    Sorry that I can not understand well about the meaning of “the group of consecutive numbers that begins with 11 and continues clockwise through and including 14.”

    I wish that you can explain these sentences clearer.

    Thanks a lot

    1. mr.PHUC, U dont PHUC-n bet any number,or anything. re-read it and you see you eliminate everything. lol

  7. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Well, to avoid mis-understanding about which number to bet on, and which number to avoid betting on, I hope you can list out which numbers to bet on.

    I read through your following sentence, but I still can not know for sure which number to bet on, and which number to avoid:

    “Finally, you need to be very disciplined in excluding the number 30 and the group of consecutive numbers that begins with 11 and continues clockwise through and including 14”.

    So, does it mean that I should always try to avoid betting on: number 30?

    But what does it mean “and the group of consecutive numbers that begin with 11 and continues clockwise through including 14” ? Could you please kindly tell these numbers here for my complete understanding ?

    Thanks a lot for your kind explanations.

    +++ By the way, can I apply this roulette betting method on LIVE CASINO with real people to spin the wheels? Or this method can only be applied for ONLINE ROULETTE? Also, can I play with all kinds of Roulette, or only European Roulette ?

    Best regards,

    James Phuc

    1. It’s aimed at an American-style layout, as explained in the entry. Please read carefully and follow the advice precisely. The answers you’re seeking will become clear.

  8. I always play roulette at LXC online casino website and it much easy to win than other online or of line casino.

  9. Hi Mike,

    I luckily found your site. Your mehod seems good and reasonable.

    I will try to test it.

    By the way, is it correct that many online casino have their European Roulette to spin, and within 16 spins, a Dozen will occur ? I mean that if I bet on any random Dozen (1 – 12, or 13 – 24, or 25 – 36) 16 times, the spin will fall on my chosen random Dozen, and it means I will win if using progressive betting style ?

    Hope you can check and advise your experiences.

    Thanks a lot


  10. Hi mike, can u indicate us the numbers which are not for betting. For clearer purposes. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Borj —

      Specifying the numbers not to bet “for clearer purposes” is beyond the scope of my system. Once you understand it better, you’ll see why doing so would be contrary to my intent.

      Straight Flushes,
      Mike Caro

  11. Online roulette gambling is one of the most popular ever. As Roulette online is a pretty simple game, it is always advisable to learn the rules of Roulette before you start to play, especially because there are different versions of Roulette.

  12. Great advice and thank you Mr Caro. When i first examined the system I thought the red nine was a six because i was viewing it upside down so i thought you meant 6 was the only number i should play.
    When i went to the casino i could not remember if 6 was red or black but it didn’t really matter since the way i understood the system was to play 6 only. The six came up 4 times in the 45 minutes i was playing and because i had been increasing my bets the six made me $1075 in profits. I decided to leave before your system required me to pay taxes on my winnings. After further review of the system i noticed the 6 was actually a 9 which meant not to play any numbers. I guess its funny how things work out sometimes. Thanks anyways,Lupe

  13. I,ve been playing a heavily revised Martingale on an online table that has a minimum bet of 10p (this is in England) and maximum of #1000 (ie 10000 times the minimum). It has one zero, and returns half the stake when zero comes up. I won #200 in three hours, with a base unit of the minimum bet, then got careless with my bets twice. It
    is on if anyone wantsto give it a try. By the way, I saw red come up 14 times consecutively, but fortunately I wasn’t riding against it at the time.

    1. Hericus — I have no idea why you posted that comment here. It doesn’t relate to the concept under discussion whatsoever. Please write a 250 to 500 word essay about the entry above, so I can be reassured that you grasp the theory. — Mike Caro

  14. Looking at the history in the table im betting, this system would have lost 37 of the last 50 spins. I dont think you know what you are talking about lol.

      1. Magic Mike u should have just said bet on and displayed the numbers and layed out the progression u need to take when they havnt hit, so u never behind. I don’t belive. Sorry

  15. Hi,How would you fare doing the Martingale system on say the lines or columns that offer odds of 3/1?As your bets increase,because of the 3/1 instead of 2/1,if you start at $1 you never just win a $1 when you hit.You hit on 4th attemp.That’s 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 =$15 but we get $24 back $8 X 3 ,so showing a profit of$9 when we hit in this example as opposed to $1.Would this not be better short term?

  16. How many bets are you calling the proper amount? 5, 6, I try to stay with 5…..please explain the sequence on how to bet excluding the numbers. Do you consider back to back repeaters, streaks……thanks Splash

    1. I believe the overall message here is that all bets on Roullette have a negative expectation, so if you eliminate them all, you’ve eliminated the house advantage.

  17. Hahah…

    How can people not understand that all you are saying is..

    ‘Don’t play roulette coz you’ll lose’.

    Good read, thanks for the giggle.

    1. Avoiding the numbers that the system forbids will cut the house edge to literally zero, as stated. All other decisions are left to you.

      Straight Flushes,
      Mike Caro

  18. ” Finally, you need to be very disciplined in excluding the number 30 and the group of consecutive numbers that begins with 11 and continues clockwise through and including 14.”

    Mike, dint understood this one clearly. My understanding is that dont play those numbers which are in between 11 going clockwise until 14, including 11 and 14.

    So 11,30,8,23,10,5,24,
    16,33,1,20,14 should not be played?

    1. Hi, Nitin —

      You wrote, in part: “So 11,30,8,23,10,5,24,
      16,33,1,20,14 should not be played?”

      Right. And, as they say, “that ain’t all!” See system explanation, please.

      Straight Flushes,
      Mike Caro

      1. Dear Mike

        My apologies as i commented and understood your explanation keeping European roulette wheel(Single 0) in my mind.

        Nevertheless i now i have looked into US roulette wheel and after reading it n number of times i have understood that “do not play roulette” as you have mentioned:-
        A) No RED or Black, Odd or Even
        B) No Zeros
        C) Exclude from 30 all the way to 14

        Is this correct?

        Nitin SHarma

      2. it’s so sad that douchebags like you sell shit like this to idiots. WOW what a load of shit, how do people fall for this shit…mind boggling

        1. Hi, jdejdj —

          Caro’s Roulette System #1 is not for sale. It is provided for free. And, if you follow the guidelines, it will cut the casino advantage to literally zero, as stated.

          I challenge you to find one reputable mathematician at any accredited university who says that I’m wrong.

          Straight Flushes,
          Mike Caro

          1. Numbers Exclusions are hideous little ideas; as; in one million spins; all numbers will come out equally.”probability statistics”

          2. (In reply to “Anonymous” above.) And your point exactly is what? Are you challenging the claims I made about the system?

            Additionally, why won’t you identify yourself? Are you not brave enough to publicly debate? My real name is, indeed, Mike Caro. And you can research my background easily. Do you think it’s fair to anonymously, viciously, and inhumanely try to destroy reputations?

            I’m deeply hurt.

            (By the way, all numbers cannot come out equally in 1,000,000 spins. The average is 26,315.78947368 per number. They could be equal in 1,000,008 spins, but that’s incredibly unlikely. Even if, after the 1,000,007th spin, all numbers except 11 had appeared 26,316 times, it would still be 37-to-1 against equality happening on the final spin.)

            Straight Flushes,
            Mike Caro

          3. I love coming here every few months to see new posters attempt to disprove this wonderful Roulette System! Thanks Mike, I haven’t lost playing Roulette since I discovered this!

  19. Mr.Caro, have you ever played a slot machine called Iris 3000? If so, do you like it at all?

  20. Roulette online gambling is one of the most popular ever. As Roulette online is a pretty simple game, it is always advisable to learn the rules of Roulette before you start to play, especially because there are different versions of Roulette.

  21. .. My system is working for me… Rule1 have time and patience, rule2 don’t get greedy and change your bets… Bet on 10streets each with 1 pound,roller or euro. That leaves you 6 killer numbers and 0 on a uk wheel.each time you loose,rebet with 6 pound etc on each.2x losses in a row 36 pound etc on each, you will need enough cash to cover all and bet Max’s on each street so you can cover the amount of losses till you reach max bets. If you follow this, u will see you have to be unlucky enough to hit the 7 killer numbers consecutively for at least 5 goes.. You have 30 numbers covered each time u bet so that is 5/6 of the table each spin in your favour.. Constant play earns me 80 – 90 pound per hour…. Thank me wen you quit working your day job.. DO NOT GET GREEDY

  22. lol this is funny…took me about 10 minutes to figure out what it was actually saying haha

  23. Mike,

    What do you think about this? I’ve often told friends (who don’t play poker or count cards), that they need to decide on their purpose of gambling in Vegas.

    If they are there for entertainment, then they can split up their available funds in a way to maximize entertainment value which means spreading out their bets such that they have a decent chance of not running out of money before the end of their trip. But by admitting it is entertainment, they need to realize that they are INCREASING their chances of coming home with a loss.

    If they are there to try to “get lucky” and win some gambling money. In-other-words, increase their chances of making a profit (I’m not talking about maximizing EV, but making a profit.) Then they should take all the money they were willing to gambling and place it on “red” and spin the wheel once and only once. (“Red” is figurative, meaning any single bet that gives near 1:2 odds… the closer the better.)

    My reasoning is, that while this in no way changes the EV, it increases the variance, which gives the greatest chances of the houses edge NOT being realized via the shortest possible sample set. Of course a sample set of 0 would be even better, but the assumption is the friend going to Vegas does want to gamble.



    1. Hi, Mark —

      You’re right. I’ve explained this many times, especially at seminars.

      You’re maximum chance of leaving as a winner when playing against house odds is to make large bets only a few times — or a single huge wager.

      The more you drag out the action with smaller bets, the more likely you are to lose. Of course, there’s a reason for this. When you make a lot of small bets, winning some and losing others, you’re actually wagering more money than you would be by making a few larger bets. The house’s take is theoretically a percentage of the total amount of money you’ve wagered.

      Also, if you want to bet a certain amount, such as $100 a spin, you have a better chance of winning if you bet in a sequence such as $10, $100, $190 over and over than betting a flat $100 each time.

      You’ll still average the same loss over a long time, but you have a better chance of getting lucky in the short term. It’s the variance you talked about.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Straight Flushes,
      Mike Caro

  24. Oops… When I said “They lose in the martingale system because….” The pro-noun “they” is referring to the player NOT the casino. The “player” lose in the martingale system (still over all -EV.)

  25. I believe in the “martingale system” if you have near infinite money you can have near certainty that you can profit a single bet amount (as long as that single bet amount is a VERY small portion of your total funds available.) It’s much like flipping the lottery on its head. In the martingale system you are potentially risking huge sums of money to nearly insure winning a small sum of money (where playing the lottery you are risking a small sum and are nearly assured that you will NOT win a large sum of money.) The house still wins in both cases. They lose in the martingale system because they are risking little to have a small change of winning A LOT, while you are risking A LOT to have a large chance of winning a little. And it turns out their profit to risk is always going to be greater than the players. Of course this isn’t good enough for the house, so they put betting caps just so Bill Gates can’t implement the Martingale system in a way that his “small bets” are significant losses to the house, even if they have the edge they don’t want that variance.

    1. Hi, Mark —

      Thanks for making your first comment and joining our Poker1 family.

      As you know, the Martingale “system” doesn’t change the odds whatsoever. You still will eventually suffer the same loss (through eternity), calculated as a percentage of your total wagers minus the house’s fixed edge.

      It’s a good system if you want to escape with a dollar profit most of the time, trying to delay the inevitable.

      I much prefer my roulette system, in which you get to see a lot of spins of the wheel, but never make any bets.

      Good thoughts. Thanks.

      Straight Flushes,
      Mike Caro

      1. Wow. What a nice quick response. No need to beat a dead horse, but actually if you had infinite funds (and time) you could assure yourself reaching a profit at some point using the martingale system, as the chance of hitting red twice in a row is 1 given an infinite number of spins. And it just takes hitting red twice in a row to insure a profit of a single bet amount. So with infinite money it can be done. The funny thing is this does not mean you have +EV. Because it requires an infinite amount to risk to just win a finite amount of money. The -EV is still there.

        This is why I said near infinite amount of money to get a *near* certain chance of winning one bet. The math works out, and your EV is still negative, but if you have an unbelievable amount of money you could insure a 99.9% chance of winning a much smaller amount of money, and the money you win will always be less than 0.1% of the money you put at risk. And there is the -EV.

        1. Oh… and if Bill Gate’s decided to use the martingale system, his 0.1% or even 0.01% could be a value large enough that the casino wouldn’t want Bill Gates to have a 99.99% chance of winning 0.008% which the 0.008% may represent a million dollars. I believe this is one of the reasons they cap bets.

        2. Hey Mark. You probably already know all this, but for those reading who don’t, here’s why Martingale doesn’t work, even when it works.

          I think you’re right, in that martingale could be a “winner” with infinite funds/table limits/and time (at least on a no zero table). The problems are not so much with the system itself, as the unrealistic conditions under which it can work, and even then, only for small very small amount of money, in comparison to the bank roll required.

          Ideally, you would need as many opportunities to double your bets as possible, to allow more chances to recover from a losing streak. So a table with a min of $1 and a max of $500, is obviously out, as it only provides 8 double ups, and 8 in a row of any category is not uncommon. Most tables I’ve seen have relatively small min bet-max windows essentially making martingale impossible.

          But lets say you found a table with a large enough min-max spread to allow infinite double ups. You have to consider your bank roll. In order to have absolute certainty in the system, you need to ensure you can double up at least 15 times. So bets of $1, for instance, would necessitate a bank roll of no less than $32000, and keep in mind, this is making only $1 each successful spin. If you wanted to make $2 per spin, you would need at least $64,000 in your bankroll, to compensate for the lost double up up opportunity from $1 to $2.

          Because of this, the profits are miniscule. Since the difference between the bet and the necessary bank roll is so massive, the money won will be insignificant to the player. For someone who can afford to spend $32000 on roulette, $1 victories aren’t exactly life changing. Especially when you consider how long a single spin takes (10-30 seconds). Now multiply that by 2, or 5, or 9 times, per dollar you make. Winning even $100 dollars in a live casino would take hours. $100 a day sounds good to some, but for someone who can afford the necessary $32000 bank roll, its pocket change.

          So to sum up, the system requires a high roller table with a tiny min bet. A no zero wheel (not available in the states), to prevent cutting into the already miniscule money you’re making, a bank roll of tens of thousands, and hours upon hours of free time, just to make 1/32000 of your bank roll at a time.

          So really, even when it works, it doesn’t work.

  26. A friend of mine told me once that he beats the roulette wheel by betting one color and doubleing up the next bet if he loses. His system is called by most, “The law of Averages”. or “I’m Due.” I showed him with a pen and paper that if he started with a $5.00 bet and doubled up if he lost for only 19 spins, that he would have to bet over one million dollars on that 19th bet just to break even.

    1. Hi, Stan —

      That’s called the “Martingale System.” It increases your likelihood of winning for a given session, but doesn’t affect the house edge whatsoever.

      You’ll win $1 a lot of times (or $5 in your example), but the one eventual huge loss you take swallows up all those tiny wins and leaves you broke.

      I like the way you explained it to your friend.

      Straight Flushes,
      Mike Caro

    1. Hi, Dean —

      I’ve added a graphic showing the American roulette wheel layout. This should answer your question.

      Straight Flushes,
      Mike Caro

      1. Mike that would be all the nos on the wheel clokwise from 11 to 14 leaving it to be B2,G0,B28,R9,B26,R30. then you say odd red are bad choices that removes R9. You say even black are bad so B28, B26 and B2 are out. you say dont bet on R30 and dont bet on Greens. effectively you are saying dont play. This is funny

          1. Hey there Mike ( Big fan) thanks for the books that you have written but this system will not work on a european roulette but do you have tips for a European roulette wheel

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