Caro’s Roulette System #1

This has generated hundreds of responses and requests for copies. People have been unable to find the message, as originally posted to in 1997. The archive service does not appear to offer Mike’s original post. So, here it is repeated. It is Mike’s request that we no longer publicly discuss the system, except to tell people where the curious can find it. Thanks. — MC

Startling disclosure by respected gambling authority has casino execs scratching heads

NOTE TO READER: The following message was posted to the newsgroup in 1997. Mike Caro was responding to a request for a good roulette system. Caro, who has for years maintained that you cannot overcome the odds against you at craps or roulette, steadfastly believes in this system. He calls it Caro’s Roulette System #1. Surprisingly, some of the top mathematicians in the world have endorsed it.

Scientific explanation of the system: Don’t click here yet.

Mike Caro will explain why his system works, but we highly recommend that you study his system below first. Technical explanations can be quite boring. Sometimes it’s better just to trust an expert.

Below is the message, as it was originally posted by Mike Caro. It is aimed at a standard American roulette wheel, which has both zero and double zero. Similar theory could be applied to European roulette wheels with only a single zero, though. END OF NOTE TO READER.

Caro’s Roulette System #1

I’m going to give you a secret roulette system that really works. It will cut the house advantage to literally nothing, if you believe in it enough to never get frustrated and switch tactics. What I’m going to say may seem strange, but here goes.

First, never bet simply red or black. Also don’t bet odd or even. These are equally poor, consistently losing wagers.

Second, don’t be suckered into betting zero or double zero, despite what some experts may suggest. This may seem like you’re betting with the house, but for technical reasons you are actually betting against the house — and you are taking the worst of it.

So, in order to negate the house advantage, you MUST stick to straight non-green number bets. All odd red numbers turn out to be bad choices, based on over two trillion computer trials. Don’t bet them.

All even black numbers fare poorly, and cannot be bet, for much the same reason, which I won’t explain here.

Let’s get straight to the money-saving advice. Any bet you decide to make MUST cover only even-red or odd-black numbers. There are no exceptions.

Finally, you need to be very disciplined in excluding the number 30 and the group of consecutive numbers that begins with 11 and continues clockwise through and including 14.

This system may seem mystical, but I take gambling quite seriously, and this works for me.

Scientific explanation of the system: Now you can click here..

Straight Flushes,

Mike Caro

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  1. I have used this system exclusively ever since I first read it in 1997, and I am proud to say that the house — any house, that is, any venue that offers roulette, whether single 0 or double 0 — has had no edge whatsoever over me. I actually practised this system, using my own version of what amounted to the same method, even before Caro first published it, so in over 40 years no casino — and I’ve played in a lot of gambling venues, including online — has made money from my roulette play.

  2. I think there is a flaw in the system explanation.. You say do not bet on numbers that are clockwise from 11 to 14. But, i think you meant counter clockwise.. Because if you exclude all numbers clockwise from 11 to 14 there is no numbers to play on left, on american roulette table. Whilst, on the european roulette table the explanation is correct. So you should state that this system is only for european roulette or make a state that its counter clockwise for american roulette tables. Thanks mate and Cheers! Great strategy!

    1. It’s stated that the system targets American roulette wheels. And I really did mean clockwise. Hope this helps.

      Straight Flushes,
      Mike Caro

  3. All of the people who did not understand what your talking about gives me hope in the future of poker. Because people can still have access to great articles and online strategy but still be… donkey’s.

    Royal Flushes,

  4. What’s Carrow’s Roulette System #2? Maybe don’t bet on any numbers between #2 and #28, going counter-clockwise and also avoid green and any side bets?

    1. Shihan — No reason to feel that way. The entry was designed to get that inititial reaction. I hope you understand the concept now and will return to Poker1 for the poker advice. — Mike Caro

  5. Oh, I have since viewed other posts.
    So it’s 15,16,17,18,28,31,32,33,34,35,36 as confirmed by you for “anonymous” post
    I can’t understand why B28 is included though as this is a Black even, Shouldn’t it be B29 instead of B28?

  6. Mike,
    So, excuse me if I’m wrong, but the numbers then are 15,16,17,18,29,31,32,33,34,35,36. Is that right?

    Also, is this for RNG online roulette or live wheels?
    Are the results you mention from spins of a live wheel, many different casino’s live wheels, one casino’s RNG wheel or various RNG wheels???



    1. Hi, Shihan —

      Thanks for your comment. Please carefully read the entry again. Your interpretation has you betting too many numbers.

      Straight Flushes,
      Mike Caro

      1. Mike. With respect, would’ve been great if you just corrected my comment with the specific numbers!
        “anonymous” asks and you clarified that the numbers are 15-18,28,31-36.
        I saw this post after my first post there. Why 28 though given it’s a black even? Shouldn’t it be 29 instead?

      2. Mike.
        I’m trialling the numbers you confirmed with “anonymous” on July 12.
        Have no response to my RNG or Live Dealer question as yet so am on Betoyager’s American wheel at present.
        I’ve only started with a 50euro balance and using 0.01 on each of the 11 numbers and put on auto spins.
        First 1000 spins had a loss of 4.66 euros, never went in profit.
        2nd 1000 spins a loss of 0.11 euros.

        Not as bad a loss as the maths would tell me but still in the red overall which is not what you claim.

        Do you know why this might be the case at all?



        1. Shihan — You seem to be misapplying my system. You need to study it more closely. Hint: If you haven’t successfully cut the house edge to literally zero, you’re making too many bets. The system is scientifically and mathematically valid or my name wouldn’t be associated with it. — Mike Caro

      3. Sorry Mike. So many questions!

        Is this supposedto be used with progressive betting or flat bets?
        I don’t particularly like progressive but what’s your tip?

        1. Shihan — All bets MUST be precisely one exact size. But I think you’re completely misunderstanding the system and the concept I am trying to convey in this entry. Please read it again and any suggested links therein. — Mike Caro

  7. This is wacky! The commenter that says they have never lost is full of shit or only played one spin. What if a low number hits… Trust me low numbers hit all the time.

    The house has two numbers for free you cant change that. However to put the odds in your favor bet over half the board plus two more numbers and it will be more likly to hit in the bigger grouping. If you play less than half the numbers plus two then it is more likly to not land in your grouping its just that simple.

    I also take gambling very seriously!

    1. Hi, Bill —

      Are you challenging my expertise on this? If so, it’s a strange thing to do, don’t you think? I can finally verify that “the commenter that says they have never lost” using my system is telling the truth.

      Straight Flushes,
      Mike Caro

  8. Is this suitable for single zero roulette.So eliminating 11-14(11,30 8 23 10 5 24 16 33 1 20 14)-single zero wheel clockwise and only playing even red or odd black

    1. The system specifically targets an American-style roulette wheel with both 0 and 00. It’s efficiency on a single-zero wheel is untested and unknown. — Mike Caro

  9. Thanks Mike that is the best system I've come accross, and the great thing is : It's absolutely flawless, I've been following this system for a while now and I can honestly say that I've NEVER lost a single bet since applying this strategy!
    Thanks Mike you are the man!

  10. Am i understanding this correctly? In the end are you basically saying you eliminate every number? therefore not betting on roulette is how you break even?

    Or are you saying we should bet on R32, B17, R34, B15, R36,B35, R16,B33, R18, B31, B28

      1. Awesome, i usually just play poker for cash but i like the odd table game. ill see if these work out
        R32, B17, R34, B15, R36,B35, R16,B33, R18, B31, B28

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