Personal $69 one-hour poker lessons with Mike Caro

No longer charging 9% of wins! (NOW $75/hour for three-person group.)

Mike Caro promises —

“I’ll do everything I can, using every resource available, to help you:

Select the right hands to play   Read tells right
Take full advantage of your opponents
Fold unprofitable hands   Never go on tilt
Understand poker’s most privileged secret weapons
Adopt a powerful winning strategy
Bluff appropriately   Trap opponents
Become the one force to be reckoned with at the table
Take command by betting, calling, and raising correctly
Use trick plays only when they make money
Manipulate opponents… and   much, much more.”

— Mike Caro

Diane McHaffie is Director of Operations at Mike Caro University of Poker, Gaming, and Life Strategy. She has traveled the world coordinating events and seminars in the interest of honest poker. You can write her online at

Diane McHaffie

Yes! I can schedule your personal poker lessons with Mike Caro for $69/hour ($75/hour in a three-person group) — no kidding!
Here’s what you need to know.

My description below applies to both individual and optional even-more-affordable group lessons.

Individual lessons…

One hour poker lesson at $69

Group lessons…
(We match you with up to two other students.)…

One hour poker group-of-three lesson at $75 ($25 per person)

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Thanks for considering personal, private, poker lessons with Mike Caro.

By purchasing below,
you agree that:

You have read the explanation below, written by Diane McHaffie, Mike’s director of operations.

You will uphold the integrity of poker and not cheat or engage in collusion through partnerships.

You understand that — although you won’t be identified and your image or voice won’t be used — your experiences with Mike during these lessons can be shared in his other public communications. This means that Mike will sometimes use ideas he develops during your personal lessons, that are offered to you at this greatly reduced price, to discover and share issues and concepts in various writings, lectures, and products he creates to help others.

4. This provision has been waived for new students!

In exchange for this greatly reduced hourly rate, for 39 months following your optional third lesson, you will pay Mike Caro nine percent (9%) of any tournament prize money that exceeds $500 in each single event. This includes both Internet (“online”) and real-world (“offline”) tournaments.

That’s it!

Individual lessons…

One hour poker lesson at $69

Group lessons…
(You select two friends and learn together.)…

One hour poker group-of-three lesson at $75 ($25 per person)

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There are a maximum of three students in a group. You learn along with your friends. Just get them together and pay the $75/hour for each lesson. We’ll find a time slot for your group — just let us know, as the group leader, when all of you can meet. I’ll contact you immediately after you buy lessons to schedule your sessions.

I worked hard to get Mike Caro interested in doing lessons by Skype — or, if you prefer, by phone or email. He’ll be able to get to know you personally, assess your poker skills, and pinpoint areas where your can potentially make a lot more money — or even turn a losing career into a winning one.

NOTE: Skype accounts are free. If you need to test your connection, I’ll help you do that for free, prior to your first lesson with Mike. You can also opt for phone or email lessons, instead.

As the legendary Doyle Brunson says, “Mike Caro has taught more players to win than anyone in history.”

The Mike Caro method

One thing you should be aware of is Mike’s acclaimed method of teaching. Usually, it will be exactly what you’d expect — Mike instructing you about how to play poker to win. But, if you’re like me, small parts of it will shock you at first. Every once in a while, he might ask you to teach him! And he’ll help you focus with questions.

After he determines what you believe about an aspect of winning poker strategy, he’ll give guidance, offer insights, and make corrections. This method is so powerful, when used in his unique way, that you won’t believe how strongly correct concepts and strategy become part of your everyday poker game.

He’ll also help you with motivation and getting your mindset just right when you sit at a table.

With Mike Caro, you don’t get guesswork, you get answers from the world’s foremost authority — answers based on his decades of research and experience.

Small “gotcha”

Are there any “gotchas?” Just one. Mike reserves the right to record your Skype sessions, phone conversations, and email exchanges and to use material from them in the future. He won’t identify you personally, though, or use your images or your voice without your permission.

If you’re okay with this provision, I doubt that an opportunity like this will ever come again — at least not with Mike Caro.

I’ll do my best to set you up with as many sessions as you require — from one to dozens — but Mike’s availability is limited, so we might need to be creative with scheduling.

Just click below to contact me and I’ll reply quickly. Or order now and I’ll get back to you promptly by email about your priority scheduling.

—  Contact Diane McHaffie about Mike Caro poker counseling by Skype  —

— DM

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