Updated • June 5 • 2015

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The symbol that you clicked looks like a number eight that tripped and fell. It represents infinity.

Mike Caro shares this secret place with anyone smart enough to find it.

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What’s coming is undefined— some possibilities are below —

Possibility #1

Previews of research in progress

Including premature conclusions that might change

Possibility #2

Secret study groups

Investigation of things beyond the main mission of Poker1

Possibility #3

Really off-topic stuff from Mike Caro

Mike’s mind is sometimes a dangerous place to explore

Possibility #4

Content too edgy or controversial for some Poker1 visitors

Mike says it’s time — and he’s finally ready to say things he probably shouldn’t

Possibility #5

A portal to premium material outside the realm of Poker1

Poker1 already offers advanced training in poker and life, but not this!

Possibility #6

Final revelations about the meaning of life

Yes, you read that right

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