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Poll shows huge East Coast support for national gun registry
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Mike Caro says:

Ever since I abandoned my gun-free life in Los Angeles and became a hermit in the Ozarks, I’ve owned firearms. And I’ve come to view the gun phobia common to my circle of friends in California as naive.

I guess the same goes for the East Coast, as this poll suggests, with so many people fearing guns in a similar way. But, let’s leave that argument for another day. There’s a real issue here. Wasn’t one of the reasons for the second amendment that ensures private gun ownership a fear that government would someday become oppressive? Wasn’t it to ensure that people would have a fighting chance to remain free, if that sad day ever came? Well, then it doesn’t make sense to me to provide that government with an easy list of where to find guns to confiscate. Think about it.

Of course, in practice, the issue requires compromises. Can we afford to have private armies everywhere with tanks and missiles, ready to fight against our nation’s military? Probably not. So, we need reasonable restrictions, and we need to hope for the best. Some trust of our ability to install rational government is necessary. But, after that, we need to cross our fingers.

So, compromise, yes. But a national gun registry? I think that might be a step too far — but likely one that will eventually be taken. — MC

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  1. Thank you Mr. Caro for understanding the prime truth in this argument. Seems like the media and non self thinking public has embraced something that could spell the end.

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