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    Mike caro was a big influence on me way back at the start of this “career” . After reading book of tells, I set out to find other tells. Then I figured out a cool way to set off tells- by showing up at casino games with a multipack of lifesaver rolls. I gave one to each player …making me seem friendly and awesome…. Players would enjoy sucking on em….until they picked up a hand….then………crunch! No one EVER caught on. I always have em in my backpack. Anyone else have any tricky methods of setting off tells?

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    Mike Caro
    -- Poker1 staff --

    Hi, Superpowers —

    Good topic and good trick, too.

    Gum is another thing that works, because players who are bluffing often stop chewing while awaiting their fates.

    Straight Flushes,
    Mike Caro

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    I know this is an old trick, and I actually read it in one of Mikes books. But I thought I would share it anyhow. When your heads up, after the river is dealt, and facing an opponents bet and not sure where you stand, flipping over your two cards and showing your opponent (and the table) has worked wonders for me. Its especially true in lower limit cash games, where your opponents tend to bet on the river with less confidence than an more experienced player. The big problem with this move is, at least it was for me, I used this tactic twice. I managed to make the correct call both times. But everyone at the table thought it was the greatest thing in the world, and all of the sudden you see everyone making that move in every circumstance they can. It does allow you to get more info on the players hand ranges, which is a big plus. But I guess I just felt annoyed that the tactic I used sparingly turned into something everyone tried using all the time, lol.

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    Mike Caro
    -- Poker1 staff --

    Hi, Rocco —

    I haven’t encountered a situation where everyone tried to emulate the move, but I can see how that would be a problem.

    Just to add to this a bit… Sometimes, after showing my cards and getting a tell that makes me nearly certain that the player is trying to prevent my call, I’ll simply raise. This drives players nuts with laughter and they can’t stop talking about it. Good advertising.

    Straight Flushes,
    Mike Caro

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    Thanks Mike!
    I will note, the times I have used this tactic, its been while facing an all-in on the river. I have yet to use this tactic while there was still money behind my opponent.
    I did want to mention one other tell. Of course, another old one from you. But just incase people missed it, or havent really tried to observe it yet. Catching a player “holding their breath”, or breathing as lightly as they can, is so often a bluff its incredible. And its also usually a very very weak bluff. Not even ace high, but usually some kind of missed draw with lower cards. And it works in almost all occasions.

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