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    Greeting from Corpus Christi. I have lived in various parts of the country including Vegas, playing poker. I have never seen insane poker action like you find in the home games down here. There is action 24/7. I showed up here in 09 and have made a comfortable living completely on poker. No reason to leave! Any one else familiar with south texas poker?

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    Mike Caro
    -- Poker1 staff --

    Very interesting, Superpowers. I would like to hear other reports from our Poker1 family about home games throughout the world. Are yours legal (as they are in Texas)? What kind of stakes are played? How easy is it to find a home game? Did you start your own? What special rules are in play? How skillful are opponents? Any issues with cheating? Is it cash, credit, or both? Or anything else. Please DON’T give specifics about location or names of those participating. I’ll start a new discussion topic for this and mention this one. — Mike Caro

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    Rocco Merolli

    Hey Superpower,
    I dont know much about home games in Tx, (well, actually outside of the eastcoast. lol). But I know over here in MA, the home games are just out of the world. I made a much more in-depth post under the home games forum about the games themselves. But as for the action, if we have a 9 handed table, even just playing $1/2, there is a very good chance that within three hours, more then 5 players will have already bought in $600-$1000 deep. And having 1 or 2 players in for more then $1500 is not uncommon. The way the buy in rules work, is your max buy in when the game starts is only $300. But as soon as a stack is over $300, you can buy up to 80% of the biggest stack. After a few hours, if someone has made $1K stack, and new player sitting down, can purchase $800 in chips right off the bat if they want. So they make for very deep, and very big games. Its not uncommon to see these so called 1/2 games being played with bets similar to a 5/10.
    One other mention, one of the bigger games I play in at homes games is a $5/5 game. The game had been going on for about 2 months, and there were two players in the game that over the course of those 8 weeks dumped $32K and $45K respectively.
    One side perk… These games usually serve incredible food! Im currently a bachelor, so anytime its not pizza, Im happy. But these games feed you sirloins and lobster (literally!). I swear, Ive gone to games just to eat a few times, lol. The only reason for me as a player to want to go to Foxwoods or any Casino is for two reason. To try and network and meet other players, or to play major events. Everything else is better served in home games lately.

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    Thank you for your replies. Rocco, our situation is very similar to yours. I think in Texas we also have the added element of $ coming in from the oil industry and drug trade which beefs up the extra action in the games. Last week there was a player of questionable employment throw $5K into a 1/2 pot PLO game….often showing down no more than 2 pr.
    Another factor that affects our big home game action is the fact that there are no casinos in TX. There used to be a gambling boat, but it closed down in 2006.
    I am one of the game runners down here. There is a network of runners and professional dealers. There is an off record credit rating system too. The game runners know who owes who and communicate often. There are times where I will get a text in the middle of the night where someone that owes me has just hit big and called their 30 minutes (standard notice to exit a game.) I can then head over and pull up a chair behind them.
    Cheating in games is rampant. This is where my Vegas education comes in handy. During my 3 yrs. living there I was sidekick to a somewhat shady player who taught me every hustle in the book. Although that is not consistent with my personality….I can see a cheat from a mile away.
    The players here do not seem very educated with poker. The style is very inbred and compulsion driven. I have tried to start conversations with players about certain books and authors. They give me that “why would I need a book, I am an awesome player” look. 70% of my opponents have no clue about terms like “pot odds.” 25% of the rest of them use the term incorrectly. It is like shooting fish in a barrel so long as they don’t get lucky with their “too stupid to fold” approach.

    I will keep posting. The old Texas poker days are NOT IN THE PAST.

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    Rocco Merolli

    Hey Super!
    Yeah, it sounds very familiar! :-) We have the same system here, with set game runners, professional dealers, and credit that runs through multiple games and multiple owners. The funny thing about here, is that most owners are competing with each other, but also support all the games by going when they are not running a game of their own. But hush hush deals about stealing players, or trying to recruit players from one game to another instead happen all the time. So you wont typically see an owner contact another owner because the player won. You can of course ask the owner if someone was the game and how they did. But they wont turn over their own players, because they hope that entire win comes back into their own game for the next session.
    I will say, here in Worcester, there is a big lawsuit going on with the police chief here, because he has not issued a LTC in over a decade. So its very rare to see any guns at home games here, which I personally think is a big disadvantage (as you can see with your own games, your own players carrying Im sure brings much more of secure feel). There is a lot of drug and “pimp” money in the games though. And yes, other then a few players, most of the deepest pockets are from those players. We do have one player in our group, a retired soccer player from Europe that has a few million and enjoys coming to our games trying to purchase the table! The funniest story I can think of, is I won a very large pot off a known “pimp”… He walked over to me, pulled out his phone, and showed me 4 different woman. Said I could have anyone of them if I decided to concede the pot, lol! Of course, I took the cash instead. But it was certainly the funniest offer I received in place of a pot I won.
    Lastly… When I did run my game, I attempted to kind of try and organize all the games through town. Tried to turn it into on big economy, where the poker rooms that were included could all grow and profit from each other. Unfortunately, I think probably because a bit of greed, and lack of future sight, couldnt get them to agree to anything. So everything has stayed very fragmented here, its still good, because I can find multiple games every day of the week. But as an owner, it could have been great to conjoin all the biggest games. We would secure all the best dealers, players, and a local economy that could last through any down swings in player attendance. It could have brought enough capital in to even put people on salaries, and still generate profit for upgrades and expansions. There are SO many people in my group here that play or deal (cards, not drugs) or run and manage games for a living. This venture could have given them secure and regular income, out of the same place, instead of traveling hundreds of miles a week, etc… So I have to say, its great to hear that your group of owners and dealers works so well together!

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    Some nights you just are blessed by the poker gods. Last night poker god gave me the cold/flu and encouraged me to take enough NyQuil and fall asleep instead of going to the” big action” game in town. Next day reports, the game was fraught with friction and drama. Unpaid tabs, upset people, asshole behavior and the house unable to cover the bank. I am truly blessed and am declaring a 1 week ” poker vacation.”

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    Good timing Super! lol. In the book “The professor, banker and suicide king”, Ted Forrest referred to a similar scenario as dancing in between the rain drops. Sounds like thats what your doing too, haha!

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