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    Mike Caro
    -- Poker1 staff --

    About an hour ago, I opened the Poker1 news page. It’s probably not what you expected.

    Instead of covering news comprehensively, it’s my own personal collection of stories and events that interest me. I make comments. Those comments aren’t always what you want to hear.

    But you’ll be able to get inside my head (a scary place to be) and have a better understanding of what guides my advice here. Maybe we’ll get to know each other better, or maybe you’ll just run away.

    In any case, I developed Poker1 as a means of sharing everything about my research, my thoughts, and my opinions. You might find the Poker1 news page interesting, in that light. If not, oh, well.

    Straight Flushes,
    Mike Caro

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    Jim “Makevery” Schatz

    I am in the process or redesigning and organizing our NBSA web site, It has been inactive, waiting for funding for over two years. Good luck with this project.

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