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    Mike Caro
    -- Poker1 staff --

    Archives for the old forum can be found here:
    Old Poker1 “Talk” forum.

    There is a lot of spam to remove before those contents can be merged here.

    This version of the Poker1 forum was opened 2013-12-12, eight days before the planned official launch of

    Please contribute your thoughts about anything, not just poker. But be polite. Imagine that you’re speaking with friends in your living room.

    Welcome to our Poker1 family!

    Straight Flushes,Mike Caro

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    Rocco Merolli

    Just testing this for you. Noticed on facebook you mentioned no one posted on here. So here you go Mike! :-)

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      Mike Caro
      -- Poker1 staff --

      Hi, Rocco — Glad to see you were able to figure it out. I’ve kind of streamlined it now, so it should be an easier experience. Welcome to the new forum. — Mike Caro

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    Rocco Merolli

    Gotcha Mike. Thanks for having me. Just checking the replies, which are just as easy as posting.

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    Just a test post… i hate italics ;P Harder to read, and I usually reserve to highlight emphasis on a word. Harder to read as well if always italic. Personal preference?
    Do I stay logged in, or do I have to type that info in for each post? (bad idea if you want more posts)

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      Mike Caro
      -- Poker1 staff --

      Hi, TheWookieWay — I’m not sure, as I just installed and modified the software yesterday. I’m still discovering stuff, so give me some time, please. I’m guessing that once you’re registered and logged in, you don’t need to fill anything out to post. If you’re posting as a guest, you might have to supply a name and email address each time. Maybe not, though. — Mike Caro

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    I would like to know how to minimize the chances of opponents getting lucky and how to dodge 2 outers on the river? It will save me a fortune

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      Mike Caro
      -- Poker1 staff --

      The secret is to maximize opponents’ opportunities of getting lucky and to invite them to beat you with two outers. If you play poker to win, you’re in the business of gambling with advantages. And if you stop opponents from gambling at a disadvantage, you’re destroying profit in the long run.

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    Hi Mike

    Thank you for taking the time to publish your life’s work on hold em and sharing expert advice and strategy with the poker universe over the years.


    With reference to your book “Caro’s Most Profitable Hold ’em Advice”, you recommend under the “Early Position Preflop Play section” to only play AA-QQ, AKo/s and AQs – at a nine handed table. Now of course you later explain understandably that these are the hands one should play without hesitation, and that there are mitigating reasons / scenario’s that may result in altering these guidelines. However, you do summarize by stating that in the absence of such valid reasons, one should strictly stick to this advice.

    My question is with regards to comparing this advice regarding Early position play, with consideration of your “Definitive guide for entering hold em pots” on Poker1 website.

    Basically, at a 9 handed table, if you consider the first 3 Early Positions (for a 9 handed table), your chart would advise a much wider range of hands – comparatively to your book.

    The consolidated range from your “definitive hold ’em guide” would be 6.9% as follows:
    EP Seat 1 – JJ+, AJs+ (3.6%)
    EP Seat 2 – TT+, ATs+, AQo+ (5.2%)
    EP Seat 3 – 99+, ATs+, KQs+, AJo+ (6.9%)

    I was hoping you could provide some insight and commentary with respect to this range being different to what is originally recommended in your book.

    Kind regards

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      Mike Caro
      -- Poker1 staff --

      Hi, Michael —

      If you have a skill advantage against your opponents, then you can (and should) play more hands.

      My strictest guidelines only define the few hands that are definitely profitable in early positions. Specifically, these hands are usually profitable for me under the gun: AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 10-10, AK suited, AK unsuited, and AQ suited. I can stretch that with 99, 88, KQ suited, KJ suited, QJ suited, and J-10 suited under favorable circumstances. In very favorable games, I might try smaller pairs and A-Q unsuited, but there’s not much profit in doing that.

      Straight Flushes,
      Mike Caro

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