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    Last night I sat in a home game. 3rd orbit I noticed something odd. The dealer would cut the cards, but put the bottom half back down on the cut card and the top half back on top ( basically no cut) so fast that no one noticed the entire game which ran until 4 am. Then I learned that the player that was winning all the chips was the dealers brother. I really started focusing on other moves the dealer was making. He never actually shuffled the cards. He would do a big dramatic wash between each hand…but I noticed he kept certain cards under his left hand whenever his brother was in small blind…he would place these cards on top….do the false cut….voila! Brother always had at least one ace. Next week I am going to sit across from this dealer, pretend I’m watching movie on my iPad, but shoot a video. Mike, is there a way to upload video if I pull this off? I think it would be beneficial to readers.

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