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    Brad Herron

    Have any of you played on Bovada’s online site? Talk about variance! Wow!

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    paul ross


    I play on BOVADA and enjoy the site, however when I cashed out they sent a check within seven days; but it took another 17 business days to clear because it was drawn on a Canada bank. My question is – how do I speed up this long wait for my money?

    P. Ross

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    Cliff Carlisle

    Why Do You Think You Have So Much Variance at Bovada? And Second Question, (Which May Be The same.) I Read People Real Well..As a Matter of Fact, I Can Still Read Players Well, Online, BUT (always has to be a ‘But’) I Am About To Start Playing On Bovada, Because There Are Plenty Of Players, And Although My Best Game Is 8-Game…BUT, I Plan To PLay Mostly OMA-8, OR PLO-8, And Most Other Sites For The USA Have Few Or Low-Limit, OMA—- Bovada does!…AGAIN–BUT I Would Think My Reading Ability Would Be Diminished; And For Real, Oma— Is My Best, Except Tournaments And I Have, Or Had A 44% R.O.I. In PLO-8 On Poker Stars. (260 Tourneys)…BLUFF Mag. Online…So…What Do You Think Guys??? Especially “MIKE?”…At Online, With OMA-8, Or PLO-8…You Don’t Have To Have More Reading Ability Than Other Games…Secondy, IF Mike Gets This/ What Do You Think?…I Can’t Play Live Right Now; Because Of Working On My Casino Game, Which Has BEEN Finished, Except For The Patent…And One Question…. (Later..chuckle)

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