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    Hi all,

    I’m looking for some advice for getting back into my groove at the poker tables. Here’s my backstory: I used to be a fairly profitable cash game player and would supplement my income at the local casinos. Nothing special but a decent earner – thanks in large part to reading players AKA Mike Caro. I left the states a few years ago for overseas adventures and the ol’ poker game has been getting rusty sitting on the shelf. I’ve recently found a nice tourney and cash game filled with ex-pats in my city, plus I’ll be visiting the states soon and hitting the tables. All good news except I’m struggling at the tables and trying to find my mojo again.

    Any advice from others who have walked away for awhile and returned would be greatly appreciated.


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    rusty lombardo

    Well some bad news for you if you were nothing special a few years ago and are coming back to grind you may now be a break even or losing player get back into the classroom immediately and use game selection until records show you are beating the games again. If you have substantial bankroll protect it! Until you know your skill level you will be surprised how games have changed. Good luck to you

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